Google Adsense and Popular AdSense Alternatives

How to earn money from blog

Nowadays, it has become so much easy to earn money from your blog or website, if you are working hard on your site with S.E.O tricks then you can attract a huge amount of money from Most Popular Adsense. These Ads company will give you money for your hard working.

Google Adsense

Google AdSense is one of the most popular C.P.C (Cost-Per-Click) based advertising publishing program service of Google. Google Adsense is suitable for both YouTubers and Bloggers or website owners who want to display some High-Quality Ads like the banner, images, links to their blog or youtube videos.

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You can earn money when visitors of your blog views or clicks on that Ads displayed on your blog. For this, we publisher simply need to sign up free as publisher for Google Ads account. Revenue is calculated on the basis of impression or C.P.C (Cost-Per-Click).

[Note: To get Approval of Google Ads you should have unique content and images without copyright subjected]

Click >>here to free sign up on Google AdSense.

Alternative for Google Adsense

Google AdSense is the most popular but it is very hard to get approval on Google Adsense, so here are the some most popular Alternatives for Google AdSense that will pay you like AdSense.

1. Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits is an alternative to Google AdSense. It converts digital assets to income property. Loved and believed by over 20,000 + publishers worldwide. "Revenue Hits is C.P.A (Cost-Per-Action) based platform." Banner ads, sliders, pop-unders, buttons and many more ads format.

For best result, run their ads continuously up to 3-4 days. Pays on NET 30 basis and payment is available through a wire, PayPal, Payoneer.

When to Use Revenue hits? 

> If you have huge traffic.

> If adult niche, hacking niche, gaming niche is not supported by Google AdSense.

> If traffic is from Tier 1 countries.

click >> Here to sign up within a few minutes and start earning !!

2. Propeller Ads Media

The propeller is the Biggest Pop-under network since 2011 and based on C.P.M. They monetize for entertainment, gaming, adult, video, dating, finance, software and many more niches. Pays on NET 30 basis and suitable for traffic from 2-3 tier countries.

Monetizing is also available for Asian countries like India, Nepal and for South Africa too. Propeller Ads media is mainly Suitable for mobile traffic. Your earnings must be $100 minimum for payment.

Click >> here for free sign up and starts earning money by monetizing your website.

3. Chitika 

Chitika is similar to Google Adsense. Publishers can customize their ads like in Google Ads and serves for contextual ads. Chitika can be used with Adsense, there is no any problem. Payment is available through($10 U.S.D minimum) or check($50 minimum); so it is suitable for beginners.

Click >>here for free sign up.

4. Pop Cash 

Pop Cash is similar to Pop Ads. Has PopUnder Ads with a great C.P.M. It is good for all countries and suitable for both mobile & desktop traffic. In Pop Cash, Payment is available through PayPal, payum, payza.

5. InfoLinks

InfoLinks is one of the largest networks that has been monetizing 2,00,000 + more online publishers. It is suitable for only 128 countries.

click >> here to join as a publisher.

6. Yllix

Yllix has a decent C.P.M with many monetizing options. Easy to sign up for any countries. Suitable for all content's language. Yllix has a simple home page and a beautiful dashboard. Yllix has PopUnder Ads, Redirect, Slider, Layer, Full Page ads. But here you have to copy the code for ads and paste it on pages.
Yllix is Easy approval.

Click >> here for easy sign-up and easy approval.

7. Amazon Associates

Amazon has become the world's number 1 online store. You can earn money if your website describes or talks about any kinds of products that are related to Amazon then Amazon Associates will be very useful for you to earn money from your website.
Here you just have to promote products from your website and note that it is not based on C.P.M or Pay-per-click program but Amazon associates will give you a small commission for every product they sell from your website.

8. RevContent

RevContent is a native Ads Network with best quality Ads. RevContent have both super high engagement vs. regular banners and suitable according to your blog article. It provides a high C.P.C that is 1 to 10 cents per each click.

Advertisers in RevContent are from all over the world. RevContent provides the fastest approval process if you sign up with any referral link.

RevContent can be mixed with other Ads networks too. So this is the fastest method for earning better money from your blog or site.

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