Latest Off-Page SEO Trends 2018 to Increase High-Quality Backlink

Hello Friends, Today's topic is about Off-Page Optimization or Off-Site Optimization, here we will talk about Off-Page Optimization, Top Off-Page Optimization Techniques, How we can get backlinks from Off-Page Optimization?

If you want to increase the popularity of your blog and want to get High-Quality backlinks then this article is best for you, from here you will be able to know about Off-Site SEO, Techniques used in Off-Site SEO, and you will be also able in getting High-Quality backlinks.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a kind of technique that helps in optimizing your website pages so that your website will get good ranking position on Search Engine results page(like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others). By optimizing your site, you can get the beautiful amount of free traffic sources.
In SEO there are two important techniques to improve rank on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and these techniques are called as On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

What is Off-Page SEO?

All the optimization techniques performed outside of your own website or blog to improve ranking position on Search Engine results page is referred to be Off-Page SEO (also known as "Off-Site SEO").

Off-page optimization makes strong visibility of your site on the web by making your site more popular among users on the Internet.

What are the Off-page SEO techniques?

1. Guest Posting

Guest posting(also called "Guest Blogging") improves your popularity among Internet users. It is the technique to post your content or research topic on guest posting blogs.

Here you contribute your knowledge to another website as a guest so that you can be exposed to targeted traffic, your personal network will be expanded, social media sharing and follower rate can be expanded.

  Read List of the Top website with High PR for Free Guest Posting.

Within guest posting, you can get good backlinks since website owners will give you an offer to leave at least one link to their website page.

2. Forum Posting

Specially Forums are for discussion on any topic and finding question's answers. You can ask the question to other users and also give a better answer to other users questions.
There are so many popular Forum Posting sites like and These forum posting platforms enable you to get High-Quality backlinks and attractive free traffic source.

Learn How To get 3k+ free Traffic and Backlink from Quora.

By answering the other user's question including your site link you can get High-Quality backlinks.

3. Directory Submission

Directory submission means to submit your site to some online web directories to get Quality Backlinks. You can use Regular Free services or Free Regular with the Reciprocal link or Paid Services for submitting your site.

List of the Top website for Directory Submission.

Directory submission technique is very important Off-page SEO technique to get your site ranked on Search Engines. Because Search Engine like Google also uses these Online Directories while crawling and indexing to display your site on its result page.

4. Social Bookmarking

The social bookmarking site helps to submit and share your blog post's link, content, images, videos and reach out to many users. Reddit is the best Social Bookmarking website with High DA.

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5. Blog Commenting

Commenting on others blog post on your site link is referred to be blog commenting. You can get Quality Backlinks if your comment is approved by admin.

6. Social Media Sharing

By sharing your site with social media like Facebook, Twitter, G+ your site can get better Social Media Traffic. One of the most working tricks in SEO is that "Share your Old blog post on social media with some modification". By this trick, your post will get high engagements.

Why Backlinks are important in SEO?

In the process of crawling and indexing of different sites for any searched queries, Google first sees tags, keywords used, content and whole On-Page SEO, and select one with high backlinks.
Further, If a person searches specific keyword says "on page SEO" then search engines start crawling and indexing all the site's URL link with that searched keyword.

Here if google find top 5 sites all having better content, better on-page optimization then google choose a site with high-quality backlinks and display it.

Link Building is a backbone of Search Engine Optimization, and Backlinking comes under Off-Page S.E.O.

In another word, Back Linking is referring your link with other famous websites.

Normally, there are two types of Back Linking method: First one is Do-Follow Back Linking and next one is No-Follow Back Linking.

We have to use both methods in the ratio of 70:30 that is "use 70% of Do-Follow and 30% of No-Follow.

No-Follow is a just simple method here we put hyperlink or anchor text of another site on our page and that will be redirected to another site but in this method, a site will not be ranked and the search engine does not give priority to No-Follow Back Links.

Next is Do-Follow backlinking, Do-Follow tells a positive message about our site to search engine. And there are two types of Do-Follow backlinks: High PR and Low PR Do-Follow backlinks.

            1 High PR Back Links=100 Low PR Back Links.

"You have to note that Google neglects those Backlinks that are bought and low PR."

So you have to do Back Links on only those site who have high PR (Page Ranks).

Page rank is between 0 to 10 so if you do backlink to site with 0 PR then you will get low PR Backlinks. So it will be better if you choose such sites with PR about 2 to 10.

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