How to Boost Free Alexa SEO Score Ranking in 2018?

In this blog post, we will discuss on How to Boost Free Alexa SEO Score Ranking in 2018?  with New Techniques, Tricks to Increase Alexa Rank Score of Blog/website in 2018 on Free.

boost alexa ranking score for free

Here You will able to know What is the Alexa rank?What is the Alexa Toolbar?Why Alexa Ranking is important for Blogger and SEO? and What are the best Alexa ranking optimization Tricks and Techniques in 2018?

What is Amazon Alexa?

Alexa is an American based company that provides better web traffic data and analytics platform that is located in California. 

Alexa is Amazon based company established in April 1996 and it was founded by American web entrepreneurs Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat.

In 2015, the website of Alexa has been visited by more than 6.5 million visitors monthly. Alexa mainly provides commercial web traffic data, data about the Global and Local ranking of a website based on different factors.

How Does Alexa Ranking Works?

Alexa Ranking Working Process: Alexa ranking works by measuring the rank of a website or a blog based on the data about the amount of traffic source that goes through Alexa System (or Alexa Tool). 

Alexa ranking records all the traffic sources from Alexa Tool users and ignores the rest of the traffic data. 

Here Alexa Tool or Alexa System is an "Alexa Toolbar" that is a browser extension or Add-on tool that helps to displays the Alexa rank of a visited website through Alexa enabled browser. 

Alexa ranking toolbar also sends different data to Server, mainly it sends users data like I.P., Visited Page.

 What is Alexa Rank Checker?

Alexa Rank Checker is a popular free Online Tool that is mostly used by SEO experts, Affiliate Marketers, and webmasters. It enables to check the current position of a site in Alexa Ranking System.

 Alexa rank checking tool allows the SEO experts and webmasters to check the current rank of up to 5 sites in Alexa with just a single click.

Alexa rank checker toolbar is one of the easiest ways to check traffic data, the rank of a website in Global and Local position, Number of sites linking to a site, similar sites, domain usage, the speed of that site and many more.

- To enable Alexa Rank Checker in your browser just "Download" and install.

Why Alexa Ranking is Important for Blogger and SEO?

1. Alexa records all the data about a user as well as Traffic that passes through an Alexa toolbar.

2. You can get traffic from SEO experts, Affiliate Marketers since only Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers, SEO experts, webmasters install Alexa toolbar to their browser.

3. It is one of the important key factors to know Page rank, Domain age, Score of a website or blog in Google.

4. Alexa ranking enables us to see data about the number of sites linking to any other site.

5. Alexa helps to know Global as well as the Local ranking of any website. In Alexa ranking, Global rank refers to traffic source data from all over the world.

And Local rank refers to traffic source data from your location.

6. Alexa Rank Checker is needed since it simply enables us to check Alexa Rank of up to 5 websites just by entering their domain name and its system will automatically display all kinds of Alexa data for these websites.

If you are getting 1k daily visitors to your site, among them if only 10% has an Alexa Toolbar on their browser then Alexa only consider 10% and ignore rest 90%. 

Alexa consists of fewer people but it can give you High Pay.

What are the best Alexa ranking optimization Tricks and Techniques in 2018?

Here is the most important 100% working tricks and tips for Alexa Ranking optimization.

1. At first download and enable Alexa Toolbar or Alexa System to your browser and surf your site daily.

2. Write posts related to SEOWebmastersBloggingFree Traffic Source Techniques and promote it on popular Online groups and forums. So that you can get more visitors who have Alexa enabled Toolbar.

3. Write Unique and attractive articles and posts about Alexa and Alexa Optimization Techniques and Tricks and share it.

4. Give regularity in publishing post since Alexa mainly considers regularity of your website (i.e. Alexa sees how often post are being published on your website).

If you are posting about 2 to 3 posts daily then you can get good Alexa traffic but if you stopped publishing your posts for 1 weeks then Alexa will not consider your website.

5. Say your friends to enable Alexa toolbar on their browser and promote them to visit your site regularly.

6. Add code of Alexa widget to your site so that your visitors can know about website's Alexa ranking.

7. Share your posts on Facebook, Twitter groups pages related to Alexa.

8. Sign up for for more.

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