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Social Media has become one of the useful things for human life. Social Media has also brought the whole world in our hands.

Social Media can be used for attracting the best social traffic source to site. Traffic source gained from social media is called Social Media Traffic. 

Here we will discuss top social media and best techniques for social media sharing.

List of Top Social Media for Social Media Traffic


Most of us already know that Facebook is top and popular social media in the world. According to Facebook, there are more than 2 billion monthly active users and more than 1 Billion that Log In daily. Messenger is also a popular instant messaging app on Facebook.

Can we get Social Media Traffic Source From Facebook?

Yes, we can get a heavy amount of traffic source for our site or blog from Facebook. Here is the 100% working trick and technique. We can get a heavy number of visitors and traffic source by creating and joining Popular Facebook Groups and Pages and sharing site link to those groups and pages. Share Link to these social media groups, pages by commenting on any post related to our site niche.

By this method, we can share our link with groups and get social media traffic to our site when Facebook users visit our site by clicking on shared post's link.

2. Twitter

Twitter is known as a popular real-time network in the Online web. Twitter is called so since all news and posts break at first here. Twitter is popular among people for its short message feature. Now Twitter allows about 280 character text message. Twitter holds unfiltered feeds and people can see everything in the form of tweets. 

Twitter allows multi-media content in tweets and nowadays it is being criticized since its performance is being like Facebook. From Twitter, we can also get social media traffic source by tweeting link.

3. Linked In

Linked in is a social media network i.e. mainly popular with professionals. Professionals use Linked In for advancing their carrier by establishing a connection. 

We can include our detailed resumes, work experience, volunteering skills, education, awards, certificates and many more in our Linked In profile.

 So we can make our own good looking background. Linked In allow to promote user's business, interaction with experts, posting job ads, applying for the job according to our skill and knowledge, publishing articles to be Linked In. Linked In is a platform for making Your Personal Network and Exposing your Business.

4. Google + 

Google + is the fastest growing social network. It is one of the products of Google company. It is popular in public for exploring new information, following to friends. Google + can be used to increase social media traffic by Discovering or creating new Communities, joining these communities and sharing a link to these communities or by putting a comment with a link to be shared.

5. Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media networks for photo sharing. It allows for sharing real-time photos and short videos. Instagram was bought by Facebook for about $1 Billion in 2012.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is popular in both social media network and searching world. It is mainly popular among women since it consists of Fashion, Style, Dress, Cooking. Pinterest has a beautiful pinboard platform to share our ideas, photos and URL links.

7. Reddit

Reddit is a social bookmarking site. Reddit is an amazing platform to increase backlinks and traffic for a newly started site. Reddit helps in best practising Off-Page Optimization

Reddit doesn't have a really beautiful and interesting design but it has a very strong community of people. People use Reddit for talking about their interested topics, sharing the links with sweet topics, sharing photos and videos. 

Submitted links can be voted up or voted down. And these submitted links will be published on the first page if they got more upvotes from users. So in this way you can get traffic source for your site. 

Reddit has also another cool feature i.e. it allows to ask questions to celebrities, public figures.

8. Tumblr

Extremely popular social blogging platform on the social media network. It is famous among younger and Teens. Tumblr allows video sharing, customizing their blog theme, creating blog posts according to content, connect with other users by following them.


Planoly is popular among social media marketers. It enables to see individual posts as a grid look before posting. It provides data about engagement rates.

10. Snapchat

Snapchat is most popular in North America and Europe as the best multimedia messaging app. Released in 2011 and developed by Snap Inc. It is now available in 22 languages.


YouTube is the greatest platform to watch and share videos online. YouTube is second largest search engine after Google. It allows to watch videos, movies and upload videos too. YouTube is mostly used by filmmakers, music company, movie company to upload their music, movies, and music videos.

 We can share our link to YouTube by commenting on any video that is related to our site niche so we can get good social media traffic from YouTube.

12. Kik

Kik is another free instant messaging application and kik is mostly famous among teens and adults. Kik users can easily chat with their friends either in a separate chat or group chat.


Stumbleupon is a popular free intelligent web-browser extension and tool. Stumbleupon is mainly famous for sharing and discovering sites or blogs. You can signup with your Facebook profile or, G+ profile. 

Once you signed up in Stumbleupon you can add friends by importing from your Gmail contacts. Then subscribes to your friends and start sharing your links.

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