How to create and submit a sitemap? | Sitemap Submission

In On-page SEO there are many techniques and tricks to improve On-Page optimization of your site or blog. On-page optimization can be done by internal linking, responsive theme selection, keyword analysis, submitting a sitemap. 

Here we will discuss what is sitemap?, Importance of sitemap for a blog or site, Sitemap creation technique.

What is a sitemap in SEO?

A sitemap is such a trick in On-site SEO that helps crawler and user for accessing a list of web pages. A sitemap is generally concerned for both users as well as search engine. 

In general, Sitemap is a table of contents or an index for your website. It makes a list of all important and general pages of your website. 

Because of sitemap, user's and search engine robots can easily visit and navigate through all pages of your website.

Before knowing how a sitemap really works?, you have to first know How a Search Engine bots gather contents and surf a website or blog?

Search engine bots (like Spider) when visiting a site or blog it gives priority to style free sites.

For a bot, Header i.e. Larger text is more important than content. After gathering all content of a web page, bots enter into a next web page by linking it. This process is the same for all web pages.

Types of Sitemap in On-Site SEO:

1. HTML Sitemap.
2. XML Sitemap.

1. HTML Sitemap

HTML sitemap helps the user to visit and access all the web pages. It consists list or index of all menu pages with their link. Mainly concerned for an easy user interface.

2. XML Sitemap

The XML sitemap is prepared for crawlers of a search engine. They only recognize the sitemap in XML format. The created sitemap should be always included in the root directory of your website.


Search Engine robots do not recognize sitemap in .txt, or .html format.

XML Sitemap Generator: Inside Sinium  Free SEO Tool there is a useful tool that is XML Sitemap Generator for bloggers, webmasters, SEO Experts.

XML Sitemap Generator generates awesome XML Sitemap for your website that will make more easy to Google bots to make them informed about any changes you have made inside your website. It will help to set how many pages of your website need to be crawled.

Here simply you have to enter a Domain Name, Modified date, Frequency of Changes, Default Priority, Number of Pages need to be crawled. 

And within a just Click, you will have your XML Sitemap.

Steps For Creation Of a Sitemap for your site:

-If you are using blogger then there is no need to create any extra sitemap for blogger, Google will automatically create a sitemap for blogger. You can check your blogger sitemap by

Then copy sitemap.xml and paste it into google search console for testing, if testing is completed successfully without any error then submit your blogger sitemap.

- If you are using Word Press then you can install a plugin named "Google XML Sitemaps".

Setting Sitemap in Word press with Google XML plugin:

1. Go To Setting of XML Plugin.

2. Tick include a home page, include static page, include posts, include last modified time.

3. Go to Change Frequencies and set Always to Home Page and current archive of this month, set Hourly to Posts, weekly to static pages and categories, Older Archives, Tag Pages and Author Pages.

4. Set Priorities :
-Home Page: 1.0

-Posts: 0.8 (if an auto calculation is disabled).

-Minimum post priority: 0.8(even if an auto calculation is enabled).

-Static Pages: 0.6

-Categories: 0.3

-Archives: 0.7

-Tag Pages: 0.3

-Author Pages: 0.3

5. Finally, Click To "Update Options".

Coding Format for single URL XML sitemap

XML sitemap code

Here "lastmod tag" is optional and describes the last modification date of a page. It should be on YYYY-MM-DD. tag describes is optional and how frequent a web page is to be changed. 

Value can be given as always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, never. Here value is not a command but these are the hints given to Google crawlers.

Where To Submit an XML sitemap?

- A sitemap can be submitted to the webmaster tool of every search engine so that our site can be indexed faster. For Google: Google Search Console or Webmaster Tools and For Bing: Webmaster Center.

How To add or submit a site to Google Webmaster Tool?

1. At first, you have to add a site in webmaster tool by clicking "Add A Site" or "Add A Property".

2. Verify your site by putting HTML code or HTML meta tag on your code.

3. And Click Verify then your site will be submitted to Google Webmaster tool or Google Search Console.

How To Submit sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools?

1. Select a website that is added to webmaster property.

2. In the Left section, there is an index called "Crawl", click it and go to "Sitemaps".

3. Test sitemap by putting "sitemap.XML", if there is not any error then submit a sitemap.

You will get better results in some days.
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