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In Search Engine Optimization(S.E.O) Backlinking is the main source for generating free traffic sources to your site. Your site will be ranked on search engine according to the quality of backlink on your site.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are such links that one site gets from another site or directed toward your site. A backlink can be achieved from a webpage, web directory, or a website.

If a website links to another site then it is called "Inbound Links" or "Incoming Links".
Backlinks can be achieved either by Directory submission to online directories or by commenting on your sites link to post on another's website. So your site will be linked to that website.

Backlinks tell a positive message about your site to search engines. Backlinks are the key factor for a blogger or SEO beginner who want to rank their newly started website and want to get attractive free traffic sources.

Backlinks have a very huge positive impact on Search Engine Results. So backlinks are used as the very useful tool for improving the ranking of any website.

To rank your website or blog on the top page of the search engine then Backlinking is too much important. We can create backlink in two ways: "Do-Follow Backlink" and "No-Follow Backlink".
Both Do-Follow, as well as No-Follow backlinks, are important for any website or blog to make a positive impact.

Do-Follow backlinking is an OffPage S.E.O Technique, it helps to get more traffic sources from High Page Rank (PR) websites.

No-Follow backlinks are such links that do not have any SEO value to get ranked your site on Google. These No-Follow links are only crawled by Google bots but will not be followed by bots.
One of the advantages of No-Follow backlink is you can get direct traffic from linked points that help in improving the visibility of your webpage.

So to build natural backlinks and make your site SEO attractive then you have to consider in building both Do-Follow and No-Follow backlink in a proper ratio. (ratio may be 70:30)

Page Rank of any site in the Google search engine is always between 0 to 10. Websites that have 0 to 2 Page Rank in Google are called "Low PR sites". Websites that have Page Rank in Google between 3 to 10 are called "High PR sites".

            1 High-Quality PR site = 100 Low-Quality PR sites

That is if you are getting 100 backlinks from those sites that have Low Page Rank are less important than that 1 backlink coming from High Page Rank site. If you want your blog ranked high on search engine then link back your blog's link to the following site.

Why Backlinks are important?

Backlinks are the powerful tool that increases celebrity and reputation of your site if it is linked to any online web pages.

Search Engines only considers any site while indexing if there is Unique content with High Quality and if links attached to that site are natural with High quality.

If incoming backlinks to your site are of Low quality then search engine like Google will penalty to your site.

Therefore it is very essential to build High-Quality backlinks to your site to make your site or blog more noticeable in the result pages of Search Engine like Google.

How To Create High-Quality Backlinks?

High-Quality Backlinks can be created by building a link relationship with other popular bloggers by Forum Posting, Guest Posting, Blog Commenting, Directory Submission, Social Media Sharing, Social Bookmarking.

List of High Page Rank(PR) sites for quality backlink 2018:

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