10+ Popular Free Google Tools for Marketers and webmasters

Hello Friends, today we are going to have a talk about what are the popular free Google Tools?  and what type of benefits can we get from these free Google Tools?, how Google Tool can be useful for SEO experts, web owners and digital marketers?  If you are also in these fields then this blog post can be best for you also.

We all know that in the area of Search engines the most powerful and user interactive search engine is Google Search Engine with lots of more attractive and easy features and tools.

Besides search engine, Google has a numerous number of Free and Pro. Tools that are useful for every marketers, content writers and webmasters as well as SEO experts.

These Google tools are best and interactive platform to increase your market popularity on the web, to get online income, for best practice of Search Engine Optimization and many more.

List of Free Google Tool

1. Google AdSense

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Source: Google

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows website owners or publishers to generate income on the basis of hard working on their blog. It was discovered on June 18, 2003.

If your website is getting a heavy amount of organic traffic and page views then you can monetize your website into an income generator platform. Here to generate income from your website you just have to put some ad code into your content, header, the sidebar of the website, so that you can earn passive income.

2. Google Keyword Planner

If you are not getting enough traffic to your website or blog and if you are not getting ranked for your keywords on SERP then Google Adwords will be a best free platform to solve your all kind of traffic and ranking problems.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner will provide a strategy to reach the right visitors with your right Keywords. You can choose all kind of keywords for your business.

Keyword Planner helps in comparing the trends of keywords on the basis of their search frequency.

This tool will help you to know the keyword according to their relevancy and cost of the search and competition for each keyword.

3. Google Analytics

Google analytics is the most powerful and useful tool for every marketer, SEO experts, and webmasters.

Google analytics provides a platform to know how users surf on a website, how long a user remains exists on a website, where are user mainly coming from to a website, from which channel or medium users are coming from, what are your top devices, when users visit a website, which pages are mostly visited by users, number of users active right now.

Since Google analytics displays your bounce rate, sessions, session duration so you can know the reason of why your website is getting too much popular on the web and why you are not getting enough traffic to your website.

Google Analytics provides correct behaviour of a website like a site speed, page timings, user timings, site search, search terms, search pages, events, publisher and many more.

4. Google Calendar

Most popular time-management and scheduling service products of Google, developed on April 13, 2006, and mainly compatible with Android, ios and this calendar is developed in Java programming language.

Google calendar helps you to keep all the most important events and time and prepares a better schedule for your work. You can invite and share your events, schedule with other users too.

You can set Popup reminder alert of your important events and schedules. SEO experts mainly use this Google Calendar to make remind of Guest Posting Opportunities.

5. Google Chrome

Google chrome is mostly used as a secured web browser with an easy user interface. To surf, the Internet Google Chrome helps its user by sending HTTP request to the server and communicate with the server.

Inside Google Chrome web browser you can add bookmarks of your favourite and useful site on the top menu.


Google + is a social media network developed by Google and it is still a powerful tool for marketing. Google + is a platform to connect with other people, creating and joining the community and sharing links, content, images.

SEO experts and marketers can get more benefit from Google +, they can have benefits like:

  • To share link and content with your community and followers.
  • To build the best personal network and expose your business to other users.
  • To increase the interaction with your customer.

7. Google Drive

Google drive allows you to store your important files and photos for security purpose and share them with others. You can currently store 5 GB of files in Google Drive.

8. Google Input tool

Google Input tool help you to write in other different languages like Nepali, Hindi, Arabian and many other 90+ languages. You can switch to your language with a click.

9. Google Translate

If you are a website or blog owners and want to get traffic from other different countries then Google Translate is the best tool for you. Google Translate can be embedded to blog or website and it makes your website available on the different language.

When a user visits your website then he can read your article in his own native language just by choosing his language. Hence your website becomes available in different languages and it creates a good user interface and you will become able to get traffic from other countries too.

10. GoogWebmasterter Tools

Google webmaster tool (or Google Search Console) is similar to Google Analytics and is a powerful tool too for webmasters, website owners, SEO experts. You can add your website or blog to search console and you will be able to optimize your website better.

You can submit XML sitemap and Robots.txt of your website to Google search console. You can know errors that may be occurred during crawling and indexing of your web pages. You can set the international target that will help you to make your website visible on that selected country.

Google search console gives you suggestion that should be improved inside your web pages like keywords, HTML, link, images too.

11. Google Map

Google map helps in finding the perfect route and location. Whenever you reach in a new place then Google map will be the best tool to find any places, gas station, hotels, bars, shops, and path. It gives suggestion like "Turn Left", "Turn Right", "Turn East", "Turn west".

You can ask path or places by voice or text and you will get your path in a super fast way.

12. Find my Phone

When you have lost your android phone then you can use this awesome and useful phone finding tool. Within a minute you can find your phone location and ring it by playing sound.

To find lost mobile, you have to enter Gmail id that is set on your mobile and after signing up Google Mobile finder tool displays your mobile current location.

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