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Hello Friends, Today's topic is all about Blogger, in this post we will talk about some of the most important techniques and tricks that are essential for every blogger and content writer who wants to write an SEO friendly Blog Post and promote their Blog Post to increase traffic and popularity on the Internet.

If you are not getting good traffic on your blog then definitely you are not writing SEO friendly content on your Blog Post because Search Engines like Google displays only those web pages which are SEO friendly and easily understandable to a user. So friends to solve your problems read this post up to last.

How to Write a Perfect SEO friendly Blog Post?

Content writing is a most essential skill that should be on every blogger who wants to promote their business and increase their popularity on the web. And in content writing, writing a blog post with thousands of words is not only sufficient for a blogger to get good traffic and ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

seo friendly content writing

To get success in blogging as the best content writer, at first, a blogger needs to think from his one of the users perspective. He should think that if he was a user then "what kind of content he would like" and "how he can get maximum benefits after reading a blog post".

This awesome idea helps to know the user expectation from a blog post. So this idea gives a better user view to write the best user-friendly content to attract more users.


Every Blogger dreams to write Content in a clear and concise way. But the Subject matter is not only sufficient for a Blogger to become a Content Writer, and if your Content is not clearly understood or there are grammar mistakes then you can't achieve your dreams.

So check your every sentence and word to make grammar error free content by a most Popular and effective Grammar Checking Tool called "Grammarly".

To increase your Blog-Post engaging rate, it is very necessary to make your content easily understandable and error free so this Grammarly tool will help you in making a professional Content writer with heavy traffic.

Here is the attached snapshot (details). This is Free Version, you can upgrade to the premium version for more extra features.



Do you know that reader always feel free and easy while they are reading your content or Blog-Post if there are High-Quality Images and Pictures?

Images always aid more features on your content and help your reader to know more about the subject matter. While adding images and pictures, there are many benefits, you can achieve.
  • A blog will be more memorable to visitors.
  • Improve and enhance SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Encourage Interest as well as Social Media Sharing.
  • Cover Professionalism
  • Inject Humor into your Blog.

So Canva is the best useful tool to make attractive beautiful images that can fit on various platforms like Website, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many others.

Canva allows more flexibility to edit saturation, brightness, colour, hue of the images and you can easily filter your images too. You can edit the fonts, text, colour of text, crop the photo, add more style to photo.

Keyword Research Analysis and Placement:

We all know that Keywords are some words or phrase which are used by Internet users to search some query on the Search Engines. To rank a blog and to get good organic traffic a blogger, as well as a content writer, must have known about Keyword research and keyword placement.

After selection of Topic, a blogger must find out the Keywords that are related to their selected Topic and he must be able to place the keywords on his content.

Start research on keywords and placement of Keywords with Keyword Research and Analysis Tips.

Title Post:

We all may have noticed that Title is displayed at first on every Search Engine Result Page, so if you want to display your blog title on SERP then you must have to consider the following Title Selection Tips.

  • A Title you are selecting must include the main keywords that you are using in your Topic.
  • You should select such a Title that is not matched with any other Title that is already displayed on Search Engine Result Page.
  • A Title must be about 50 to 60 characters.

Body Content, Headings, Links:

Before writing the main content you must start writing a short paragraph including the Greetings like "Hello" and must include what are you including in this Topic, what benefits your user can get after reading your Post.

In spite of writing a big paragraph, it would be clear and better if you break down a big paragraph into smaller paragraphs with 2 to 4 Sentence. 

  • Write posts with more than 600 words that will also help in Google AdSense approval and use your Keywords in every paragraph and never use your all Main Keywords inside a single paragraph. 
  • Try to include the Main Keywords in your first paragraph.
  • Focus your Searchable Keywords by using Bold Character or if you are using WordPress then use Yoast SEO to focus on Keywords.
  • Do not focus or add those Keywords that do not match with your Topic.
  • Add internal or external links to Anchor Text on your Post. You can make the link either Do-Follow or No-Follow and allow the links to open in another Tab or new Window so that it reduces your Bounce Rate.

You have to keep in mind that you must have about 2 Heading under the  h1 tag and continue giving Sub Heading or Minor Heading under h2, h3 tag.

Search Description:

Write a Meta Description or Search Description to help Search Engine Crawlers to know what is inside in your Post. Your Search Description should be always between 140 to 150 characters.

Image Optimization:

You can get Traffic from your Images also so Optimize all the images that you are including in your Blog Post. Add Alt Tag, Title, and Caption on each image.


Add a short paragraph that denotes the main core words of your post, that will give more knowledge to your users and it makes your blog post-user-friendly.  

Techniques for Blog-Post Promotion:

Only writing an attractive SEO friendly blog post is not sufficient to get traffic and popularity on the Internet, you have to make the promotion of your blog post.

Most of the blogger share their link on Google + profile and their Facebook timeline but this is not sufficient for blog promotion and thus you can not get good traffic and followers.

  •  Add Social Media Links on Header and Footer of your blog.
  • Create accounts on Social Media Facebook, Twiter, Google +, Linked In and Social Bookmarking sites like Reddit, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, SlashDot, Delicious.
  • Sign Up to Forum Posting sites like V7n and and start Questioning and answering to this forum posting sites. Include your post link while writing an answer to questions.
  • Contribute your article or post to another website (that is called Guest Posting) so that you can expose yourself as the best Content Writer, you can get High-Quality backlinks and you can get more followers too.
  • Start Blog Commenting on other blog posts so that you can get High-Quality backlinks and it also build your relationship with other popular bloggers.

So this is all about Content writing and Blog-Post Promotion techniques, you have to use each and every technique that I have included in this Blog Post. I hope you have got a good understanding of writing Blog-Post and promotion. 

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