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On this topic "Broken Link or Dead Link" we will have a clear discussion about Broken Link Definition, the cause of a broken link, effects of a broken link, and broken link checker tool.
During Link Building, we may have built many internal and external links to get High-Quality backlinks and free traffic source. Everyone loves this link building strategy because all have to rank their website on Google and it is an easy method to do so.

But only link building cannot give us the correct result if links are not correctly built up and not checked up regularly then it may lead to more and more bad effects on ranking. 

This broken link tells that a webpage is not available or the link without any destination.

Many of us may be noticed that sometimes when we click on a link or anchor text then it may lead to us a 404 kind of an error so this error is called broken link or bad link.

All kind of links problem occurred in our post that leads to an unconditional condition of ranking of our website are called as dead hyperlinks or invalid links.

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What is a Broken Backlink?

If an external link from which we are getting both traffic source and backlinks is changed by its author then this is called as a Broken backlink.

 And such backlinks does not provide juice to rank your website.

What are the causes of fix dead weblinks or broken links?

- Change in Permalink of a post: If we add an internal post's link to our anchor text or blog post and after some time if that link is changed or edited then the anchor text in our post leads the visitor to 404 error.

- Change in an external link: If an external link that is linked to our website page is edited or deleted then it will cause to broken backlink.

- Deletion of linked content, PDF, Video.

- If a site is no longer available on the web.

Why broken links are bad?

Broken links seem to be normal over the surface but these bad links are causing a very serious problem to our blog or site that may decrease our network on the web, damage reputation of the website.

 Since these broken links lead the visitor to an error page that also leads to the decrement of visitors and followers. 
Visitors may never come back to visit such website. As a whole such broken link can decrease the ranking status of a website on SERP and it leads to an increase in Bounce rate.

Since Google, bots check every link of the page of the website and if it found some links that are annoying to the user(if such links are directing to nowhere or an error page) then Google will automatically decrease the level of such websites.

Thus Broken links are too bad since these lead negative rating of our website with the search engines and low website traffic.

Broken link detection and handling tool:

Now let's find out how we can find such broken links and broken backlinks on a website and how we can handle these dead links to delete them and improve the optimized performance of a website.

Sinium Broken Link FinderSinium SEO provides the best tool to find out all the broken links and broken backlinks by scanning all the links available on a website.

- Checks blogs and websites to detect dead link or broken link. - Scan all the web pages. 
- Check all the internal and external links.
- Location of all the broken links found on a website.
- Provide error code report.

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  1. Bipin,
    Broken links should be an item that is on a monthly check list for active websites if they want to keep on Googles good side. Having a good broken links checker is a great tool for any blogger as some links change.
    I have found that many people leave their websites to die or that vendors change the address on their items when the item updates.
    What do you think is the greatest cause of broken links.

    1. thank you John ,
      In my perspective the greatest cause of Broken Link may be the The website owner linked to a site that is behind a firewall that does not allow outside access like Intranet site and due to removal of destination website or due to the change in URL structure of a website


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