100+ High DA, PA, PR DoFollow Social Bookmarking sites 2018

Hello Friends, today's topic is about Social Bookmarking, on this topic, we will talk about Importance of  Social Bookmarking in SEO, how we can get Traffic and Backlinks from Social Bookmarking, and what are the top Social Bookmarking Sites in 2018?

Here you can get 100+ Free Top Social Bookmarking Sites List in 2018 with High DA, PA, and High Page Rank to increase High-Quality Backlink and Traffic that will help you to get more Traffic on your website and more Social Engaging rate and more Followers.

This List of Social Bookmarking Site have DA, PA scores ranging from 50 to 97.

List of top social bookmarking site with high DA,PA in 2018 to boost visitor and follower

Backlinks in SEO have a great importance for building a High-Quality link with the other popular websites.

Backlink aims to provide Free Traffic Source and helps in increasing the level of rank on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Backlinking is major technique and tool in Off-Page SEO and backlinks can be generated by Social Media Sharing, Guest Posting (or Guest Blogging), Directory Submission, Forum Posting, Blog Commenting, and Social Bookmarking.

In general meaning, Bookmarking refers to saving your favorite websites on the browser by clicking start to the link. Bookmarking makes easier to open some links saved on the browser toolbar.

What is Social Bookmarking?

In Off-Site optimization, SEO Bookmarking refers to those site on the web on which a user can submit, share the links they want to make popular. Social Bookmarking sites are public and the shared link can be viewed easily by other users.

Social Bookmarking sites enable their member to submit and share blogs, Images, Videos, forum, microblogs. Social Bookmarking provides a platform to expose your network on the web with Free Traffic and backlinks.
Social Bookmarking increases the relationship status with other people with a better interaction. So we can increase our followers too.

Why Social Bookmarking is needed?

Social Bookmarking is the best platform to promote a website on the Internet just by sharing with the other members. Social Bookmarking will results best with High-Quality backlinks and heavy Free Traffic if the bookmarking site we are using is popular on the web with more member and High PR (Page Rank).

Advantages of Social Bookmarking

Now let's have a look at the benefits of Social Bookmarking in Off-Page SEO Technique.
  • Increasing the brand awareness of a website by exposing it.
  • Increases the Followers by building a better interaction between the website and its visitors.
  • Increase in rank level of a website in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) with High-Quality Backlinks. Since Google bot provides High PR to a website according to its popularity connected to other websites and visitors.
  • Increase in Indexing rate.
  • Reduces the Bounce rate of the website.
  • Increase in Domain Authority (DA) of a website.
  • Increase in Revenue through AdSense.

So by using popular Social Bookmarking sites, your website will go viral on the Internet.

Steps in Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking is an easy and simple technique in Off-Page SEO to generate backlinks and traffic.

Let's have a lookup in steps that are needed in Social Bookmarking to submit and share links.

  • Prepare a list of Social Bookmarking sites with High PR/High Authority.
  • Read carefully about Privacy and Policy of Social Bookmarking sites.
  • Sign Up for these popular social bookmarking sites with a verified email.
  • Do not create multiple numbers of accounts on the same social bookmarking site because they may know you as a spammer and you will get blocked forever.
  • Enter your all the necessary information that is required so that your profile will look beautiful and can attract other members.
  • Start following and subscribing to other members and forums.
  • Try to comment on other post or link so you can increase your follower on the social bookmarking website.
  • Then share your content link, images, videos on these bookmarking site with tags and description.
  • Write some content including link while sharing content because the only link can't get approved, and it becomes easier for the user to know about your post.

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List of Social Bookmarking Sites with High DA, PA in 2018:

Website DA PA
Reddit 97 85
Pinterest 98 93
slashdot 92 75
stumbleupon 95 77
delicious.com 25 28
diggo 34 33
webseoexpertservices.com 60 46
bizsugar.com 53 46
careep.org 24 28
youmob.com 62 53
biolocator.org 26 31
disqus.com 94 85
bookmark4you.com 64 49
librarything.com 85 60
foursquare.com 92 75
google.com/bookmarks 94 63
newsmeback.com 61 51
linkarena.com 77 59
fark.com 81 61
url.org 75 57
tumblr.com 95 93
instapaper.com 86 62
citeulike.org 72 54
diary.ru 75 55
thefreedictionary.com 92 64
technorati.com 93 75
newsvine.com 51 50
friendfeed.com 91 69
blinklist.com 91 63
speedfed.com 40 37
list.ly 75 61
dzone.com 81 61
pearltrees.com 91 61
tealuck.com 40 35
blogbookmark.com 48 44
hotbookmarking.com 35 34
freebookmarkingsubmission.com 30 20
imgur.com 94 80
managewp.org 55 46
wikio.com 68 51
faves.com 60 52
sfcsf.org 49 44
bookmarks2u.com 38 38
aboogy.com 41 43
votetags.com 36 37
a1-webmarks.com 53 48
mozylinks.com 34 26
sfcsf.org 49 44
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