What is Search Engine? | How does Search Engine works?

Hello Friends, Today's topic is about Search Engine, in this topic we will talk about What is Search Engine?,  Popular Search Engine in 2018, How does the Search Engine work?, Working mechanism of Search Engine Algorithm.

From this Topic, you will get clear information about Search Engines and Search Engine Algorithms and this topic will help you more to rank your blog on Top Position of Search Engine Result Page so friends read this useful article up to last.

how search engine & SEO works and crawl

What are Search Engines?

Search Engines are the software system that provides information to its user based on the searched queries that are matched with their database and correspond to Keywords and character. Search Engines help in locating a particular website or blog on the world wide web.

The page on which result is displayed is known as SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

The process of indexing all the document that are matched with searched queries and displaying the answer of resulted queries from different websites also can be referred to the meaning of Search Engine.

Popular Search Engines in 2018

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Ask.com
  • AOL.com
  • Baidu
  • WolframAlpha
  • Internet Archive
  • Yandex.ru
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Dogpile Search
  • Google Scholar Search
  • Yippy 
  • Webopedia
  • Boardreader

What is a Web Browser?

A web browser is a platform from which we sent an HTTP request to a web server and it also knows the communication mechanism with a server. It is user interactive software to surf the Internet. A user can access all kinds of content, images, videos, audios and many more.

Different web browsers found on the web are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, Safari, UC Browser, epic.

What is Google Search Engine?

Google Search Engine is a worldwide popular search engine among the Internet users and provided by Google (multinational company) and it is written in the C++ programming language.

It is most popular since Google allows a user to give input by both Text or speech (that is user can ask the question to Google either by text or voice) and Google also provides top answers.

If an Internet user asks a question like"search engine" then Google will display the website matched with the given query.

How Google Search Engine works?

When we search any query on the Google then Google responds to our query within a few seconds but actually, Google perform lots of more things to show the answer according to query. Then friends lets have a clear understanding of How does actually search engine works?

Actually, Google performs two main stages to show the requested answer: the first stage is the process of finding or discovering the answer or information according to searched keywords or queries and organize the discovered information in the second stage so that this information would be used by its users.

These two stages are known as Crawling and Indexing on the world wide web.


Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo have a variety of programs or algorithms known as internet crawlers (i.e. Crawling), that square measure liable for finding info that's publically obtainable on the web.

To modify a complicated method, it’s enough for you to grasp that the work of those computer code crawlers (also called computer programme spiders), is to scan the web and realize the servers (also called web servers) hosting websites.

The search engine crawler prepares a list of all the web servers to crawl, the number of websites hosted by each web server on the Internet and then start its work.

The computer program crawler of search engine visits every hosted website and by victimization completely different algorithms and techniques, they fight to find out what percentage pages they need, whether or not it's text content, images, videos or the other format  CSS, HTML, javascript.

While crawling a website, besides being attentive of the number of pages they conjointly follow any links (either inform to pages inside the location or to outbound of websites), and therefore they discover a huge number of pages.

Search engine crawlers continuously repeat these steps of crawling and keep track of any changes made to a website, this helps crawlers to know about the website when new pages are added, deleted, link updated etc.

Why webmasters care about crawler?

In Search Engine Optimization of a website, every website is read by crawlers and if your website is not clearly readable to crawler then you will not get a better result in a ranking of your website.

As above you can easily understand that crawler have to do lots of preparation to display information in SERP so you should make the crawler job easier then only you will get better ranking in SERP.

So follow the best techniques to make the crawler feel easier to index your website.

1. Use Robots.txt to inform crawler that which pages should be followed and which pages should not be followed by a crawler, such as admin page, about us page, privacy policy page, disclaimer page should not be crawled.

2. Use XML Sitemap make an index of all the important pages of your website to be accessed by a crawler.

3. Use webmaster tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics to know any kind of errors that may occur during crawling of your website, to solve the error and to submit Robots.txt, sitemap.


The process of organizing, sorting according to popularity, storing all the information that is discovered by crawler while crawling is known to be the Indexing process. So that it can be processed by Google search algorithms before it is made available in SERP.

Why Indexing Process is needed?

If there are some errors occurred on a website during indexing then be sure that it will not be visible on SERP. It is known that if your website contains more pages then the chances of displaying in SERP also becomes more.

So to get your website visibility on the top position of SERP, you have to optimize your website internally and externally that is On-Page and Off-Page optimization.

How does the search engine algorithms works?

There are many steps to be followed by search engine algorithms from the starting step of query typed by the user to finding matching web pages.

Analyze Query typed by a user:

The first step is to find out what kind of information the user is searching for in his query. To do that, they analyze the user’s query by breaking it down into a number of meaningful keywords.

For example, when you type a query on the search engine “How to do On-Page Optimization?”, search engines know the words how to that you are looking for instructions on how to do On-Page Optimization and thus the returned results will contain websites and blogs that provide information about On-Page Optimization.

Machine learning has helped Search Engine Algorithms to associate related keywords together. For example, they know that the meaning of this query “how to do Off_Page SEO” is the same as this “how to do Off-Site Optimization”.

Discovery of Matching Pages:

After preparing an index the next step of Search Engine Algorithm is to find out which website gives the best answer for a given searched query.

Here search engine provides a possible result in a fast way to make their user happy and thus website owners also get organic traffic and popularity among Internet users. In this stage, optimized web pages get a chance to get displayed on the Search Engine Result Page, so it is the most important step for website owners.

To match a web page according to searched query Search Engine Algorithm consider following factors:

i. Relevancy of Title and Content of the web page with the user searched query.

ii. Type of Content or images, videos.

iii. Quality of Content that is clearly understandable content without any grammar mistakes.

iv. Quality of the website.

v. Published date of articles on the web.

vi. The popularity of the website among other popular websites that is backlinks or Off-Page SEO.

vii. The language of the web pages on which user want to surf to get information.

viii. Website speed: Since the user does not surf the slow loading website so Google also does not considers such a slow loading website while matching.

ix. Sees that whether a web page is mobile friendly or not and sees user interface of a website.

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