How to get 3k+ Traffic & High-Quality Backlinlk from Quora?

Hello Guys, in this article, you will get Top important Tricks and Tips to get 3000+ visitors a month from Here you be able to know What is Quora?, Importance of Quora in SEO, How To Use Quora?, tricks to attract traffic from Quora.

How to increase traffic and backlink from Quora

In Off-Page Optimization of a blog, we are using different techniques like Guest Posting, Directory Submission, Blog Commenting, External Link Building, Social Media Sharing, Social Bookmarking to attract Free Traffic and backlinks.

Techniques like Guest Posting, Directory Submission aren't so easy, we have to do very hard practice and also may have to pay some money to increase our Page Ranking and Visibility of our website.

These techniques take more time and are limited too i.e. we are not able to get more Backlinks and Traffic with these techniques.

So Quora becomes a great option here.

Before understanding how to get more traffic and backlinks from Quora, let's have a short knowledge about Quora.

What is Quora?

Quora is based in Mountain View, California which was founded in June 2009 and available in the English Language.

In the area of Question and Answer forum, Quora is known as King since it has a best Question-Answer platform. In Quora its user can ask Question to other users, can reply to Questions.

We can find the different topic and answer the related topic questions. The different Topics that can be found on Quora are:

  • Business.
  • Movies.
  • Technologies.
  • Health Care.
  • Government.
  • Politics.
  • Internet.
  • Blogger.
  • Business and business strategies.
  • Wordpress.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • SEO.
  • AdSense. is very popular among webmasters and SEO experts and executives. Quora have a good status in Alexa ranking, it has 111 Global ranking, regional rank is 47, backlinks are 21,094 and mainly popular in the United States. has MozRank of 6.9 with PA (Page Authority) score 69 and DA (Domain Authority) score 92.

Importance of Quora in SEO

Since Quora is a popular website for Question Answer based forums, we can find any topic related to us within simple clicks, it becomes easier to find out answers of our questions and give answers to the questions related to our field.

We can get High-Quality backlinks and traffic from Quora, just by giving answers to the questions and including our links to these answers.

Quora expose a new blogger among people and helps to increase his/her followers and increases interaction with other.

Search Engines like Google also crawls the content added on Quora and add them to SERP. So you will be able to rank your website for specific keywords also.

Quora can increase our old posts engagement and Google will also notice that our old posts are still being more popular.

How I get 5.3k Quora View with Quora SEO Techniques?

How to increase traffic and backlinks from Quora?

Here are some steps and tricks to increase 3k+ traffic a month from Quora.

1. At first, sign Up to with your real username and verified email address so that you will not be detected as a spammer by Quora.

2. Properly add all the necessary data like photo, blog/ website address, business, your location, education status, and the work experience in your business.

3. Follow to all the topics that match with your field or website niche.

4. Follow to other Quora users according to your need.

5. Search Questions (like "What are Off-Page SEO Techniques?") on the search bar of Quora located on the Menu bar and reply to newly questioned questions so that person asking the question get your answers faster. So give answers to questions and topics as much as you can.

6. While writing answers to the questions, add a link to your blog post on some (anchor text) keywords.

7. Include Images for a better view.

So friends if you become able to use Quora properly and give answers in a right way then you will get success to get 3K+ monthly free traffic and more backlinks from Quora
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