What is DA, PA & PR? Importance of DA, PA & PR for Blogger

Hello Guys, in this Blog-Post we will have a discussion on What is DA (Domain Authority)?, What is PA (Page Authority)?, and What is PR (Page Rank)?

Why SEO's prefer DA, PA more than PR?, Importance of DA, PA, and PR in new SEO Trend and How DA, PA, & PR helps a Blogger to Improve his/her Blog and helps in increasing visibility of a website or blog on the Search Engines.

What is DA (Domain Authority)?

DA (Domain Authority) is a Ranking Tool or Ranking Score developed by SEO Moz and predicts the ranking performance of a website or blog in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). DA score always ranges from 1 to 100 for each website or blog.

DA(Domain Authority) score indicates the ability of your website as well as all the Pages of your website to Rank in SERP. The Ranking Score of DA always depends on How, When, Where you are creating links and content for your website. As Number of total links and Linking Root Domains of all the External Link that are linked to your website.

A website can be said well scored in Moz Rank if DA of that website ranks from 20 to 30 and 70 to 80 or more.

Best Working Technique and Method to Increase DA(Domain Authority) of your website.

1. Publish Quality Content:

You may know "Content is King" so to get well DA score it is very important for all blogger and SEO expert to publish a Unique Content with no grammar mistakes.

To make you Blog-Post and Content more interesting you may use Images, Videos, and you can Bold or Italic word to make more clearly understandable and attractive.

2. On-Page SEO:

The Techniques included in On-Page Optimization like Title, Keyword, Meta Tag plays an important role in increasing the Domain Authority of your website.

To improve DA score you can use some of the Optimization Techniques inside your website and content:

 Title: Write an attractive Trending Title for your Blog-Post.

Keyword Placement: Use Targeted Keyword on Title, Content, Search Description or Meta Description and remember Keyword Density should always be between 0.5 to 1.5%. Never use Keyword Stuffing.

Permalink: Structure SEO Friendly Permalink of your Blog-Post with including Keyword.

Search Description: Never leave your Meta Description (Search Description) blank. Include Meta Description for each Blog-Post and never forget to include your Targeted keywords.

Image Optimization: Optimize every image of your Blog-Post by adding "Alt Tag".

3. Guest Posting:

Start Guest Posting if you are new in Blogging and want to increase DA score of your website. While Guest Posting always contributes Post to such website which has High DA score.

4. Strong Internal Link Building:

While you are writing a Blog-Post include Link of your another Blog-Post too so that your Page Views will increase as well as Bounce rate will also be decreased. Make Link open in a new page or new tab.

5. Have Patience:

It is said that "Old website is more ranked High on Google Search Engine Result Page". So have patience and let your website be older. 

If your site's age is 2 to 3 years then it is clear that your website has been active for a long time and you also have more follower and visitor and it will be sure that you are Publishing High-Quality Content.

6. Check DA:

It will very beneficial to check DA of your website as well as other websites too. If you are starting Link Building and Guest Posting then you should check DA of that website too since DA rank depends on Domain of Link too.

Source: moz.com

Enter website URL and click on Search to know about DA score as well as PA and Spam score of that site.


What is PA (Page Authority)?

PA is Page Authority of a website or blog. PA (Page Authority) is developed by MozRank. PA predicts the Ranking performance of some Specific Pages of a website in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

PA score also ranges from 1 to 100. Higher PA score means a Higher ability of a website to Rank in Search Engine.

The score of PR can be increased as like Technique to increase the score of DA. Mainly you have to focus on:
  • Optimized and SEO Friendly web pages.
  • Relevant Content with High-Quality.
  • High-Quality Internal Links.
  • Remove Broken Link that is arising on your website.

What is PR (Page Rank)?

PR (Page Rank) is a ranking factor or algorithm developed by Google Search Engine to rank a website in SERPs. PA score ranges from 0 to 10.

So Friends if you become able to increase DA, PA, and PR of your website then you can be the best Expert Blogger and you will be able to earn profit from your website too. For this, you have patience and keep on regular posting and Link Building.
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  1. Hey, I am quite impressed with this post. You have provided quite a good info about these basic SEO matrices. I am learning SEO as well as Google Adwords Campaign Management for promotions of my new blog and your post is definitely going to be useful in a long run.

    1. thank you, Johan, I am so happy and impressed with your support and stay tuned with me for other SEO and Blogging Techniques and Learnings


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