10 Steps to Make a Professional Blog on Blogger

Blogging is not a simple task, many people failed in blogging because they have not tried to make their Blog attractive and beautiful. Most of the people give up on blogging within two or three months since they are not able to achieve proper benefit and success as their expectation.
professional blogging techniques

Hello Bloggers, Today's topic is "How to make a Beautiful Professional Looking Blog?", in this topic, we will talk about Blogging, Blog, Technique to make a Blog more attractive, How a Blogger can get success in Blogging. 

From this Topic, you will get the best Technique to make your Blog attractive, and you will know about the some most useful Tricks to be a Successful Blogger

Best Tips For Successful Blogging("How to be a successful Blogger?"):

1. Template Selection:

To make a Blog looking more beautiful, use SEO Friendly Blogger Template that will add an important step to make you as a successful Blogger. You can download and use Free Blogger Template to attract more Visitors.

Here is the list with a description of 4 Popular Free Blogger Template For Google AdSense Approval.

a. SEO Hub Fast Loading:

SEO Hub Fast Loading Blogger Template is most Optimized, fast Loading and popular Blogger Template in today's' date. By its name SEO Hub Fast Loading, it is fully SEO Friendly Blogger Template.

SEO Hub Fast Loading is the best template who want to get Google AdSense Approval fast since it provides the best platform to display Ads, you can earn money from Google Adsense by showing Ads on Header, Sidebar.

SEO Hub has responsive Top and Main Menu bar with Green color. This template can be used is multi-purpose Blogger Template you can use this Blogger Template in Blog, Events, Business, News and many more.
Download this template.

b. Olivia Clean:

Olivia Clean Blogger Template is mainly for Blogging, you can find this template in two design that is White Header and Black Header. Design of this template is Fully Responsive, Mobile Friendly, SEO Friendly, contains a good looking homepage with auto resizes thumbnail image.
 Download this template.

c. SEO Boost:   

SEO Boost is easily customizable SEO Friendly Blogger Template which helps you to increase traffic and PR in Search Engine. Its layout is Mobile friendly with a responsive design. Perfect Template for Google AdSense approval and gives you better earning with Ads displayed on your blog.
Download this template.

d. Sora SEO Template:

Sora SEO Template is perfect for Blogger since it is SEO optimized, Clean, Responsive and Device Friendly. Sora SEO Template has self-explanatory Navigation, and it is best for displaying Google AdSense also, you can display Ads on the header, below the Primary menu bar, above the Footer, and Sidebar. Here copyright is editable and automatic too.

Download this amazing Template.

2. Add 4 Pages:

Add About, Contact, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer page on your Blog that helps to give more information, terms, and condition of your blog.

These pages display type of your Blog, what things are you posting on your Blog and increases interaction with your visitors. Remember these 4 pages are most essential to get Google AdSense approval.

3. Add Social Sharing Buttons:

Add Social Sharing Buttons on every Blog-Post of your Blog so that your users feel comfortable to share your Blog-Post on their Social Profile. You can also add Floating Social Share Buttons that are user-friendly and moves up and down as your visitors scroll.

4. Add Web Push Notification:

Web Push helps to increase your subscribers, this service helps you to send new Post notification through a Pop-Up Notification ("Notification Bell Icon on Blogger"). This increases your Blog engaging rate at a High-Speed, and you can get better traffic.

When you publish a new Blog-Post, then your subscriber will get a push notification on their device so it can increase your engagement rate.

Push Notification is always clickable and device friendly, and this Notification allows your subscriber to direct into your Landing Pages.

To start Push Notification on your Wordpress website or Blogger at first Sign Up to onesignals.com.
And choose a platform and add JavaScript code to your website. 

5. Social Links:

Include Links to your Social Media Profile and Pages on Header and Footer of your Blog so that your visitor can visit your Social Media Profile and you will be able to get more Social Media Followers.

6. Beautiful Sidebar:

The sidebar is the most important Tool that helps to make your Blog more Professional and Beautiful. Add widgets like Language Translator, Popular Post, Recent Posts, Subscribe Through Email and remember that inside Popular Post and Recent Post and remember you should include only 2 to 3 Posts without Snippet Text. 

Do not add widgets like Facebook Page, Instagram Profile, a long list of Category, About Author on the Sidebar because these widgets are useless and make your Blog heavy. Proper management of Sidebar will also help in Google AdSense approval.

7. Content:

Always write Unique and Lengthy Content, do not include wrong information inside your Blog Post. Add Pictures that are not subjected to Copy Right or select Pictures that are Labeled with Reuse or Reuse with Modification.

Update your old Post with adding some extra information and share it on Social Media so that your old post will also get the better Engaging rate

Check Grammer and Spelling mistakes that may be inside your content and remove those mistakes immediately. For this, you can use different Tools to check Grammer and Spelling, and these tools suggest you with proper spelling.

                                            The #1 Writing Tool

Write a short Paragraph or "Conclusion" on every Blog-Post so that this conclusion will provide your reader will know what is actually inside your Blog-Post. This also provides a path to become the best Content Writer

8. User Interaction:

Blogger can be a Successful Blogger only when he is building a good relationship with his user. To get success in Blogging, you should give a response to each and every users. If your user is asking some question on the comment, then you should provide a reply to him with the best answer.

9. Permalink Building:

Never use Automated Permalink for any Blog-Post, edit your post Permalink according to your Post Title. Make a short and meaningful Permalink structure and try to add your Main Keywords on Permalink this may help you in Ranking.

10. SEO:

Every Blogger will get success only if their Posts are seen on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. To display Post on SERP, you have to Optimize your Blog, while Optimizing a Blog, you have to give more time for factors like Keyword Research and Placement, PermaLink Customization, In-Bound Link Building, Submission of Blog to Google Webmaster(Search Console).  

To get good Organic Traffic from Search Engines, Blogger also needs to build a High-Quality Link between other Popular Blogger for this, you can do Blog Commenting on site with High PR, Directory Submission, SMO (Social Media Optimization), Forum Posting (Quora), and Social Bookmarking.

                                       RankPay SEO Services

So To give your Blog a Professional Look you have to use all the above-explained Techniques like Responsive Template Selection, Sidebar, SEO then you can get a good result as your expectation.
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  1. Bipin,
    Great checklist for making a successful blog. Many things to do after writing that really good blog post. If you just write with great keywords, nobody will find your post.
    Thanks for a really good list to work with.

  2. This is very true. It is important to have a blog that is attractive to your readers. How great to have an SEO optimized theme that works with Google Adsense! That sounds the perfect combination.

  3. This is very the case. You need to have a relatively blog page which may be popular with a traffic. The simplest way amazing a great seo optimized look who mutually Search engine Ad sense Who does seem an excellent solution.

  4. I think the main reason behind failing in blogging because people didn't read these kinds of tips. There is no shortcut for success. Any person, company or a businessman who want to be successful in blogging they should learn first and then implement.

    In my opinion, when it comes to blogging the most important part is the content section. You should write unique, engaging and lengthy stuff so that you can get more shares and believe me or not with the help of this method you will be loved by search engines too.

    If you read top bloggers like Brian Dean and Neil Patel they believe in lengthy content, and according to them if your article is not in-depth and unique then you not gonna get a prominent position in search engines.

    Anyhow, thank you for sharing this kind of info with us. People should read these kinds of things in order to become successful in blogging field.

    All the points you have mentioned are essential to winning at blogging. Keep up the great work.

    1. thank you Peter Thompson. Yeah in these days Blogging is about lengthy and quality content. Now a days, Quality & Lengthy Content with Infographics, Snapshots & optimized Heading, Sub-headings are most important for successful blogging.

    2. Bipin, you are absolutely right. Visual content is always a handy tool that can take your blogging to the next level.

    3. Yes, Visual Content & Infographics are also benefecial to reach more views in Pinterest & to drive lots of Traffic from Pitnerest to Blog


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