Google Duplex AI as a Universal Personal Assistant

Hello, Friends, you may have listened to Google Duplex: Google Assistant with more features of Natural Language Processing in AI. 

Google Personal assistant AI

Let's have a clear view of New Google Tools, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Introduction to Google Duplex, How human can get benefit from Google Duplex AI, Development Level of Google Duplex.

We all know that Google is the World's Largest Company in the area of the Internet, Technology and Artificial Intelligence. We all are familiar with Google Search Engine beside it Google has developed many other device and tool up to 2018.

On Google IO 2018 conference that was held on Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California CEO Sundar Pichai has announced some of the Biggest Announcement on Google IO 2018.
  • Boosting on Google Photos with AI.
  • Google Assistant and Google Duplex with more Natural Language Processing.
  • Google Map with Google Assistant.
  • TPU Machine Learning Hardware with New Generation Technology.
  • Smart Gmail.
  • Google Youtube on New Smart Display.
Till now Google Assistant have limited Features we can only ask some question or search for some queries on Search Engine through Google Voice Search. Google Voice Search has some issues also like Ambiguity in Grammer, Meaning.

But in 2018 Google IO is launching Google Assistant by adding more Features and activities to make it Intelligent.

So Google Duplex AI is mainly made to increase the interaction between Human and Computer (robot). Google Duplex will solve the issues of Google Voice Search and add more Features of Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Generation.

Here is the example of Google Duplex AI talking to People:

Google Duplex AI carry out the real world task within a phone call by Natural Conversations. Google Duplex has more application in Scheduling certain kind of appointments.

Google Duplex increases the Level of Conversation between Human and Artificial Intelligence Device or Robot.

 It makes people feel that they are conversating with a real human since Google Duplex speaks normally like a human with clear Pronunciation.
According to CEO Sundar Pichai, the main goal of this Google Duplex AI is to "Build a Personal Google for each User" (Google for each Individual User).

For making an Intelligent Google Duplex Natural Language Processing is helping Google more and more. Google is discovering more on "How to Understand the command given by Human in Natural Language?", "How to Generate and Represent the answer?" and "How to make a device that makes its user feel like a human?".

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