Top 5 Amazing Websites to Learn SEO & Blogging on Free

Do you want to start carrier on Blogging or want to set profitable Blogging Life then obviously both who want to start up blogging or who want to improve their blogging needs some Tactics, Tricks, SEO Techniques to Boost up their Blogging business and earn more through blogging.

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Most of you may be thinking about what are the top Blogging Tricks.

Top Blogging & SEO Tricks to be a Professional Blogger:

  • Unique Content Writing.
  • Using unique Images on Blog Post.
  • Permalink Building or Permalink Structuring.
  • Keyword Analysis and Keyword Placement.
  • Meta Tags and Meta Search Description.
  • Use of Heading, Sub-heading on Article.
  • Social Media Sharing.
  • Social Bookmarking.
  • Forum Posting Strategies.
  • Internal/External Link Building.
  • Image Optimization.
  • Use Google/Bing Webmaster Tool.
  • Sitemap/Robots.txt File Creation/Submission.
  • Google AdSense and Google AdSense Approval Tricks.

Most of you may be asking yourself some questions like"Where to learn SEO Tactics and Blogging Tricks?", "Are all the website found on the Internet able to give me correct knowledge of SEO & Blogging?".

So all the blogger must decide which website is correct them to learn SEO & Blogging and which website give reliable knowledge so that you can raise Blogging carrier.

If you are not able to choose the best website then here are Top Amazing website List to learn SEO Tactics & Blogging Tricks on Free, I have listed and explained all the website from where I am inspired and started learning Blogging Techniques and SEO Tricks. All these websites have a High Authority Ranking and have a huge number of Follower worldwide.

Shoutmeloud is a most popular and famous website in India as well as worldwide since it's foundation date 2008. Harsh Agrawal is a founder of and he is known as Inspiration for Indian Blogger. In India Blogging has been famous and the reason behind it is only Harsh Agrawal.

Shoutmeloud has DA (Domain Authority) of 60 and PA (Page Authority) of 67 and one of the most interesting fact of Shoutmeloud is that it has more than 750+ Blogger who have contributed Guest Post on Shoutmeloud blog with 9,78,000+ subscribers.

Different reliable topic (Guidance) that can you find on Shoutmeloud are:

  • Practical Guide to Create a Blog and Start Blogging.
  • SEO Friendly Content Writing Techniques.
  • Free Wordpress Guide.
  • Guide on Social Media Marketing Techniques.
  • The successful story of other Professional Blogger.
  • Deals and Discount on Hosting.
  • Different Google AdSense Approval Tricks on WordPress/Blogspot Blogger.
  • Guest Posting Techniques.
  • Guest Posting opportunities with High-Quality Backlink.
  • Free Affiliate Marketing Course.
  • E-mail Marketing Guides. is a worldwide popular website with High Amount of Daily Traffic and DA of 74 and PA of 62. Really is an awesome platform to learn about Digital Marketing, Blogging and SEO Tactics.

Neil Patel provides the free tool to analyze about your website and web pages and give proper suggestion to solve the problems that may occur in your website. SEO Analyzer, Ubersuggest, A/B Testing Calculator are free SEO tools found on

I am in the SEO field from 6 months ago and is that website from where I begin to learn SEO, the content of this website are written on so simple and clear, so anyone can understand and learn from here.

Neil Patel provides reliable, working techniques in the field of Digital Marketing like:

  • Blogging,
  • WordPress,
  • Link Building,
  • High-Quality Backlink Creation Guide,
  • Content Writing,
  • Guest Posting Techniques,
  • Keyword Analysis, and Placement and Keyword Density,
  • Strategies needed to Rank Higher on SERP with Keywords,
  • Social Media Sharing and Social Media Optimization Tricks,
  • Marketing and Business Strategy,
  • E-Mail Marketing,
  • Voice Search Optimization.

Shailesh Chaudhary is the founder of, this blog is written in mixed Hindi and English language and easy to understand. This blog is very popular among Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi Blogger. He provides the article as well as visual content so it is too easy to learn.

iShailesh gives you Free Guide on:

  • Blogging, 
  • Content Writing,
  • Digital marketing,
  • Google AdSense,
  • Google AdSense Approval Tricks in India and Asian Counties,
  • WordPress, 
  • Hosting, 
  • Affiliate marketing, 
  • On-Page SEO Trends and Techniques,
  • Off-Page SEO Techniques,
  • Link-Building Strategies,
  • Free SEO Tools,
  • Forum Posting guide and Forum Posting website list,
  • Social Bookmarking and Social Bookmarking website list,
  • Backlink,
  • Guest Posting Techniques and Guest Posting website list


SearchEngineJournal is a top-ranked website for keywords like SEO, Blogging, Social Media Optimization. It has DA of 89 and PA of 90 and 93,273 total links up to now.

SearchEngineJournal is famous for SEO Tactics, it provides SEO Guide from Basic Guide to Advance Level Guide like:

  • Google Penalties Guide,
  • Google Search Console,
  • Google Algorithm Updates,
  • Google Analytics,
  • Bing Webmaster Tools,
  • Google Mobile Search,
  • Mobile Marketing,
  • Google Maps and Local Search.


AbhiSEO is a suitable platform to learn SEO from a basic level to high advanced level. It provides step by step guide on Blogging and SEO. AbhiSEO helps you to increase the branding of your website.

AbhiSEO gives you knowledge of Google Tools, Google Assistant, SEO Tools, Digital Marketing. In Digital Marketing you can learn E-Mail Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Google Adwords, Google AdSense, Website planning.

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