7 Ways to drive Organic Traffic to your website

I think you must have clicked on this link to have a look at SEO Strategies 2018 that actually work for Digital Marketer and Blogger to improve Organic search Traffic with High Ranking.

Google Algorithm updates continuously in those recent years thus SEO Strategies are also changing to run with these Algorithm updates. 

Do you know all the updated Google  Algorithm?

Important Google Algorithm Updates

Let's have a short knowledge of Google Algorithm because it makes you work with the algorithm and makes your website safe from Google Penalties as well as more flexible to understand about latest Google Algorithm Updates and SEO Strategies.

  1. Panda.
  2. Penguin.
  3. Mobilegeddon.
  4. EMD.
  5. FRED.
  7. Google RANK BRAIN.
  8. Possum.
  9. Pirate.

Panda Algorithm was initially released in February 2011 which mainly works to analyze and penalize to a website having Low-Quality Small and thin Duplicate (copied) content.

Penguin Algorithm was announced on 24 April 2012 and penalizes to those sites having irrelevant and spammy links (backlinks).

Mobilegeddon was released on 21 April 2015 and its main role is to throw back to such websites which are not mobile friendly.

EMD (Exact Match Domain) penalizes those websites which have the main keywords in their Domain. With this algorithm, it becomes hard to rank a website with its domain.

FRED works with the Ads if you have a website and put many ads on Top, Right Sidebar and everywhere then it decreases user experience, and this FRED algorithm penalizes such websites.

HUMMINGBIRD was released on 20 August 2013 and mainly focused with user experience to provide High-Quality information according to its user intention. This algorithm bands keyword stuffing.

With this Hummingbird algorithm, the concept of Long Tail keywords was started because Long Tal keywords help to know about user intention clearly.

Rankbrain was released on 26 October 2015, this algorithm is much smarter because it is implemented with Machine Learning and AI to determine relevant results to search engine queries.

Possum Algorithm was released on 1st September 2016 which shows the local results according to IP Location of your device.

Pirate Algorithm was released on 12 August 2012 which is not so much efficient because it is similar to Panda, it blocks the pages with duplicate content and shows DMC (Digital Millennium Copyright) error on Google Search Console.

That's all about Popular Google Algorithms and so it's time to go through all the working efficient SEO Strategies in 2018 that safe your website from Penalties and boost Traffic too.

7 SEO Techniques to Increase Organic Traffic

  1. Voice Search Optimization.
  2. Use Long Tail keywords.
  3. Take care of your mobile user.
  4. Fewer but High Authority Backlinks.
  5. Decrease Bounce Rate.
  6. Re-Update old Blog-Posts.
  7. Use Google Search Console.

Voice Search Optimization:

In recent years, the Google Search Engine is being more user-friendly so now Voice Search also has been increased. Thus it becomes challenges to all the blogger and Digital Marketers to optimize their web pages with respect to Google voice search.

Optimizing content for Voice Search leads you to improve organic search traffic to your blog.

Here you can go through some Techniques for Voice Search Optimization to drive Organic Traffic using voice search.

i. Make sure your website must be https compatible.

ii. Increase your Domain Authority.

iii. More Faster Loading web pages. Optimize images to reduce loading speed.

iv. Use of related Long Tail Keywords that make some sense.

Use Long Tail Keywords:

With the HummingBird Algorithm release keyword stuffing (use of short keywords everywhere) has stopped working. So you must start using Long Tail keywords to improve Organic Traffic in 2018.

Long Tail Keywords tends to have better conversion rate because Google HummingBird Algorithm only displays relevant web pages that match to user intention. So your visitor also gets the actual high-quality result and this lead to reduce Bounce rate.

Focus to Title of a post by adding Long Tail Keyword in Title Tag to get more Organic Search Traffic on your post.

Take Care of your Mobile User:

Mobilegeddon algorithm says that your website must be responsive to your mobile user. If your user feels difficult to surf your website on their mobile devices and exit immediately then Google will penalize your website and ranking will also be reduced.

Creating own AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) lead to accelerate the speed and improve performance too.

You can make your website more Mobile Friendly with the following designs.

       i. Proper Menu Navigation.

       ii. Set Important widgets.

       iii. Change website code, you can use Bootstrap to make a device friendly website.

Fewer but High Authority Backlinks:

Only creating a huge number of backlinks for your website doesn't work in 2018 and it will decrease ranking instead of increasing.

Start link-building with a website whose authority is more higher and have high traffic on it. Link-Building with High-Quality website will increase online reputation and traffic.

Remember that "only one High-Quality Backlink is effective than 100 Low-Quality Backlinks".

So start building High-Authority backlinks for your blog to provide quality referral traffic juice that will improve organic blog traffic.

Decrease Bounce Rate:

Make your content more interesting to decrease Bounce rate.

According to Rank Brain, if a user on a website does not exist for a long time and go back immediately then the ranking of such website will be decreased. And if you can hold your user for a longer time on your website then Google automatically increases ranking on SERP.

Start following these techniques to reduce bounce rate.

        i. Write more Lengthy Content (more than 1000 words).

        ii. Write the short paragraph.

        iii. Use Infographics on Blog-Post.

        iv. Use interesting images on Post.

        v. Add video to hold visitor for more time.

        vi. Start Internal Link-Building.

        vii. Let your Internal Link open on a new tab.

Re-Update old Blog-Posts:

Start Republishing old blog posts by Updating, upgrading that will increase your traffic by 60%.

When you write a post and publish then you can get good traffic but after about a months you will not get any traffic because no one is engaging in such old posts.

So make some changes like add new paragraph, edit some sentences, add infographics and update these old posts and share it on social media and Reddit. Then the user will also start engaging on these pages. and Google will also notice such engagements.

Use Google Search Console:

Google search Console is most popular among blogger and SEO experts because it is one of the free webmaster tools.

You can analyze the whole website and web pages, find out the error that may occur during crawling and indexing and blocked resources. You can solve such errors and improve the performance of your website.

You can find out traffic source, bounce rate and total impression of your website.
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