Get Google Adsense Approval in Blogspot in 2018 with New Trick

There is 100% Guarantee that if you are a Blogger then your dream to get Google Adsense Approval on your Blogger website (Blogspot) and start earning money through your Blog by showing Ads on it.

But earning online money from Adsense is very hard and tricky because Google Adsense Policy is very much strict for Adsense Application of Blogger. You must run your Blogspot Blog according to Google Adsense Policy and to run your Blogspot website according to Adsense policy is so much tricky and hard.

How to get adsense approval with blogspot in 2018 with new tricks

Don't worry here in this article I am going to give New Tricks in 2018 for Adsense Approval in Blogspot. So if you want to get Adsense Approval on Blogspot website then you must read this whole article and follow my Tricks and Tips for Adsense Approval in Blogspot Blog.


i. Blogspot Design should be user-Friendly but not Adsense Friendly:

Yes, website/Blog Design is the major reason for Adsense Application Disapproved. Only creating a Blogspot account and choosing the default simple theme is not sufficient because these default themes are not responsive and don't fit on all the devices properly.

responsive blog design for adsense approval

If your Blog theme is not user-friendly and if your Blog theme or design is scary to your visitors and if the user does not exist for a long time because of your scary theme design then Adsense will never be approved on such theme.

Google Adsense Policy says that "Adsense is not automatically supported with Classic Default themes of Blogspot".

So you must be careful while choosing a theme for your Blogspot blog, you must consider following Tricks while choosing Theme Desing for Blogspot.

a. Your theme must be user & mobile friendly rather than Adsense friendly.

b. Do not choose a theme with a yellow colour design.

c. Text showing on your blog must be clearly readable.

d. Menu Bar must be simple and easy for the user to navigate.

e. Use a custom Logo and Favicon.

f. Give Professional Look to your Blog by increasing branding.

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ii. Insufficient Post on your Label/Category:

If you have a blog with the Main Menu with 5 Labels and if you don't have enough posts on these 5 Labels then Adsense will reject your Application.

You must be sure that you have 4 to 5 Posts on each label and remember that you need to have an equal number of posts on each label.

If you have 3 posts on one label and if you don't have any posts (or only 1 post) on rest of another label then Adsense will recognize your Blog as Under-Construction Site.

iii. Traffic coming from only one Source may be spammed:

If your Blog is getting traffic or page views from only one source (or platforms) then Google Adsense may recognize your blog as a spam website. Google Adsense hates such traffic.

If you are sharing your Post link only on Facebook without optimizing your Blog then it reduces the chances of getting Adsense approval on your blog.

Stop using free online traffic generator tool because you can get traffic from Robots, not from Human.

iv. Domain:

If you are running Blog with free domain then the chance of getting Adsense approval is fewer. The free domain like .tk, .ml is also illegal and you may not get approval on such domain.

I have also tried with domain for many times but I can not get approval and lastly I tried after buying Top Level Domain and waited for 1 month and got Adsense approval. Keep in mind that your domain must be about 1 month old. You may not get approval with a fresh domain.

v. Insufficient Content:

In Google Adsense Rejection letter you can find that they have included the main reason for Adsense rejection as Insufficient Content. You can not get Adsense approval with fewer-content.

Google Adsense is mainly for words and contents, thus Adsense gives a lot of attention to the content of a blog.

Poorly written content with grammar mistakes and error in a structure of sentence like spelling mistakes is very scary and hard to understand for the user. You can use Grammarly tool for solving grammar mistakes and errors in sentences.


1. Write 18 to 20 Posts with High-Quality and 100% Unique Content.

2. Make an equal number of Posts on each label.

3. Use Unique Images or use for free and commercial use images.

4. Create Privacy, About, Terms and Condition Page.

5. Create a working Contact page and put your Facebook profile Link and e-mail address below the contact form.

6. Make sure you are not under 18, if you are under 18 then you can use create Adsense account with your parent's e-mail address.

7. Make sure your e-mail address is fresh and never used on other Advertising networks.

8. Remember you can get only one Adsense account on one e-mail address.

9. Start optimizing your Blog to get Organic Search Traffic.

10. Responsive Blog Design.

11. Set up Top Level Custom Domain.

12. Add Recent Posts and Popular Posts widget on Right Sidebar of your blog.

13. Submit your website with a sitemap to Google Search Console.

14. Submit website to Bing Webmasters.

15. Submit website to Google Analytics.

What to do if Adsense Application is rejected?

Never lose hope, it is very hard to get approval within one or two tries, I have also got approval after the rejection of 14 times.

Here are a few things to be applied to your Blog if Google Adsense reject your Blog:

1. Don't Lose hope.

2. Read carefully the rejection letter.

3. Analyze why your blog is rejected by Adsense.

4. Remove the copyright images.

5. Try to Increase more Traffic on your Blog.

6. There may be an error in your Blog, find out about it using Google Webmaster tool.

7. Try to change the Theme of Blog.


If you have a Branded and responsive Blog with High-Quality and Unique Content then it will not be so hard for you to get Adsense Approval on the Blogspot site. You must be focused on writing keyword reached Title, Meta Description and Content to optimize your Blog pages so your Blog can get Organic Traffic.

Write Privacy Policy page with respect to Google Adsense policy because if a blog's privacy policy does not match with Adsense then it will not get approval.

If you are wishing to get Adsense Approval without setting Top Level Custom Domain (with then you must wait for 6 to 8 months or more than 8 months. You must have about 40 posts with High Traffic. Your post must contain more than 600 words.

Watch the video:

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  2. Can I get approved with a .tk domain?

    1. Yes Sushant you may get, it is not sure, Google AdSense always mainly focus on Responsiveness, Quality content. You have to do more for adsense approval in .tk domain. It would be better if you could set a top level domain.

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