How I get 5.3K views on Quora? | Quora SEO for Blog Traffic

Are you using Quora for a long time but not getting any benefit?

Failed on Quora to promote your Business or Blog?

Hello Blogger and Digital Marketer, before a few months ago I have published a Blog-Post on How to get 3k+ Traffic & High-Quality Backlink from Quora? which gives you some strategies for Quora traffic on Blog but I understood that this is not enough strategy for Quora answer optimization.

So I have published a new updated post with new amazing Tricks & Techniques for Quora SEO to promote your Business or Blog.

Here I am going to show you all the strategies how I am using Quora to derive & promote more traffic and views.

Since I am a Blogger so I have more focused for Blogger, so that blogger can increase their Quora follower and views. You can know about posting the answer including a blog link on Quora without getting answer spammed or deleted by Quora moderator.

In Digital Marketing area or Blogging field, it is necessary to increase popularity (or follower) so that you can derive Traffic to Promote Business.

To get Traffic you can optimize your website with Top Best SEO Strategies and SEO Techniques of 2018 (also save from Google Penalties).

Note: only Traffic is not enough for promoting Digital Marketing Business.

If Traffic is not sufficient then let's think what the factor may you need, obviously Follower and Popularity.

STOP! Do you know the big advantages of Big Audience in Digital Marketing (Blogging)?

Within the increase of audience, you are going to Increase Popularity on the web and this leads you to get more sales of your product.

One of the amazing advantages of Big Audience in Blogging is that you are going to get more and more traffic and earning on the blog.

Decrease in Bounce rate, when you get enough audience and popularity, your visitor will come back and will be engaged in reading other articles of your Blog.

You will be the biggest celebrity in your niche with a huge follower and content will also be spread everywhere much faster.

But do you know how you can increase both the size of your audience network with large traffic?

Quora is one of the biggest and popular platforms on the web, from where you can get the benefit of both the Follower and Traffic. Not only traffic, but you will also get High-Quality Backlinks so your content will be ranked higher on Google SERP 😄.

I am sure you must have a Quora profile and aimed to increase follower by answering the question.
But you are failed in Quora because of BullShit quora Strategies.

I have joined Quora before 2 or 3 months ago but now I am an expert in Quora. Many Quora user requests me to give the answer to their question.

Wanna learn my Quora SEO Strategies? These Quora Strategies are not made in dreams, all these are drawn from my Quora profile.

I want to show my Quora status, within this short period of time I am able to get large Views and follower as well as beautiful upvotes.

Quora SEO Strategies 2018 for Blogger

#1 Quora Profile

When you join Quora, only signing up is not sufficient, you must make your Quora profile as an expert. You must give belief to Quora that you are not a spammer and you can give a genuine answer to the question published.

Make only one Quora account but make it attractive including all the necessary information. Upload your own original profile photo and update the details like College study, experience.

Must be sure that you have included all the descriptions and accurate profile credential.

Add the knows about details with suitable tags.

Here is the snippet of my Quora Account Profile.

quora profile to be safe from spammer

#2 Ask Questions?

If you are new to Quora or not getting any popularity on Quora then you must start questioning before starting to give the answer.

Start asking the question that is related to your niche. So that you can know the people that are related to your niche. By asking a question you will get a connection with other Quora user, you can follow all the people who have answered your question.

But you must be sure that you are writing a question that gives a sense, must start the question by How, What, Why. Your Question must include necessary tags so that Quora Expert can get notification of question that matches to their knowledge (tag).

One of the 😎 😎 crazy strategies in Quora to get Traffic and answer is that ask something about your website like "How can I improve SEO on my website?" or "How can I get Adsense approval on this Blog?" or "What are the Latest Off-Page SEO Techniques?".

At last, add your website link after the question.

Here you can see the snippet, and you can know How to add Questions so that it is safe from spam?

asking question on quora to get traffic

When you finally added question including your website link, you must request 5 to 10 Quora Expert to give an answer to your question. Because the only adding question is not enough.

When you request people, they will get notification of your question and you will get a chance to make a connection with them.

High DA Blog Commenting website list for Quality Do-Follow Backlink

#3 Answering Strategies

Quora is the biggest Question answer platform, Quora always wants to provide correct information to its user. You must be careful while writing the answer.

Writing Bullshit answers on Quora goes wrong and Quora moderator may know you as a spammer and block and delete your answer from Quora.

Here is a small snippet for a demo that shows the answering strategies.

When you see a question that matches to your niche then start writing an answer to that question.

i. Write a Heading so the user will be attracted to your answer just by seeing the Title on the Top.

ii. Write a short description of the answer with an image.

iii. Write Keyword reached answer so that your answer will be available on Google.

iv. Do not write the answer in a paragraph, the user feels uneasy to read the answer so it is better to give the list and short paragraph.

v. Provide Link details of the post so that user will enter to your Blog and you will get traffic also.

vi. Upvote to answer given by other user and follow them.

vii. Comment on answer answered by other people, ask them about a new topic on a comment or find their mistakes on the answer they have provided and suggest them with your answer. This increases interaction with other Quora user.

Note: Answer must be grammatically correct otherwise your answer may be deleted.

#4 Find Questions on Google

Google Search Engine also shows the link from Quora. All the answer that are optimized with Keywords and with High Upvotes is also ranked on Search Engine Result Page.

Here you need to search questions just by entering some Long Tail keywords then you can find the result on Google.

Enter to that link and start giving answers. In this way, you can easily search and find the questions on different Topics.

#5 Share Link on Quora

In recent days, Quora has updated its new privacy policy. Now Quora allows its user to share the link directly on Quora.

No need to write the answer, within a few steps you will able to share your Blog Post link on Quora account.

For this, you have to click on>> Add Question or Link on Top then you may get a popup box where you can see Add Question and Share Link options.

Click on >> Share Link and enter a link and short detail of the Post.

So that's all about the Quora SEO strategies, after using these strategies you will surely increase follower and Quora Views. This will lead to more profit and popularity.

For SEO, Quora is also beneficial, you can get High-Quality Backlink from Quora and share your every link directly on Quora or giving answer.

For more about Quora SEO Strategies :

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  1. Yes, new feature of quora share links works great; And as you have mentioned about answering pattern it's works pretty well for bloggers;

  2. I am really enjoying reading your well written articles. It looks like you spend a lot of effort and time on your blog. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles. Keep up the good work. SEO Training

  3. Great tips buddy. Quora is really a very powerful source of traffic if used intelligently. Your tips are really valuable in this regarding. Lately, I have been inactive there. I think for SEO advantage, we must put Quora on top of all other sites and start taking full advantage of the same.

    1. thank you buddy, Be updated with me for new strategies and articles on SEO & Blogging. And be active there on Quora.

    2. Sure, please let me know your quora link. Thanks

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