9 Best Free Blogging Tools to make your Blog go viral

Most of the Blogger left from the Blogging industry within their starting periods.

The reason for the failure of Blogger is Traffic. To increase traffic, we are more focused on writing lengthy content, use attractive images but still, we can't increase traffic on these posts.

But only writing content is not so enough for a blogger to increase blog traffic.

Today I am helping you by pointing out and describing all the best free Blogging Tools that are necessary for every blogger.

Why Blogging Tools necessary for Blogger?

- To increase Traffic on your posts.

- To increase engagements on your old posts.

- To increase Social Media engagement.

- To increase Follower.

- To increase the popularity of your website.

- To make infographics and images.

- To collect emails to send notification of new posts through emails.

- To rank on SERP with keywords.

So from these above-mentioned necessities, you must have known that now you can increase Blog earning and this becomes a key factor to get success in Blogging.

Free Blogging Tools 2018 necessary for Blogger to Increase Traffic:

free blogging tools

Hello Bar:

Hello, Bar is a free platform where you can get many Tools for your blog. You can target and increase traffic on your blog through Hello Bar.

Hello Bar enables you to

  • Collect your visitor's email Address.
  • Allow visitors to call you in a single click.
  • Increase more engagement in your Social Media profile.
  • Allow you to derive traffic on a certain point of your blog.
  • Display special offers.


If you want to give notification of new posts to your users then PushCrew is the best choice of all blogger.

It is very to install on your site, here just you have to add code, and when someone visits your site then push notification will be displayed. The code you have installed will help by asking permissions from visitors to receive push notifications.

So when you publish a new post then your visitors will receive notification on their device, and thus your visitor will be notified. This will lead to generating more traffic on your new posts.


Social media traffic is very essential for a blogger, and without sharing on social media it is impossible to get enough traffic.

Sharing on every social media is very time-consuming, but Buffer will save your time and will increase Social Media Traffic for free.

When you first sign up then, at first you have to connect a buffer account with your social media profiles.

Next, make a Queue of posts (with short Description and Link) you want to share.

When you store posts in Queue you have to schedule these posts. You can schedule time as wish but it would be better if you schedule these posts by analyzing the time when you get better traffic.

Finally, after all the steps you have completed your posts will be automatically shared on your social media profile or pages.

Store old posts on Queue and Schedule for sharing on Social Media to get traffic on old posts.


Only writing lengthy posts is not attractive, so you must need a tool to make images, infographics. Multi-media content like Images, Infographics will enable your blog posts to get more posts engagement thus bounce rate will also be decreased.

But image and infographics designing is a very challenging task.

Canva is a best alternative online designing tool, where you can design Photos, Infographics, cover photo, Youtube thumbnail and many more. You can design images for your posts so it will look more interesting for your visitors.


Ubersuggest can be the best free alternative to other premium SEO tools for Keyword analysis.

Ubersuggest enables you to analyze Keywords for the

  • web, 
  • Images, 
  • Youtube, 
  • Shopping.
You can find best-related keyword suggestion with their Search Volume, CPC, and their competition according to Language ("Country based Keyword Suggestion tool").

With Ubersuggest you can pick up and use the best keywords for your blogs and rank more higher on Google SERP.

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LSI Keyword Graph:

According to the new Google Algorithm like Rank Brain and Google Voice Search. It is very important to optimize their website and make SEO Strategies according to these Algorithms.

In Latest SEO Strategies of 2018 to increase organic traffic, it has been explained that it is very necessary to optimize web pages with Long-Tail (LSI) keywords.

Long-Tail Keywords helps you to be safe from Keyword-Stuffing and there is also less competition. So it is easy to get searched on Google with Long-Tail or Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords.

So LSIGraph.com can be best SEO Long-Tail Keyword Analysis tool where you can get LSI Keyword Suggestion.

Now choose your low competition long tail keywords with LSI Graph tool to increase ranking.

Plagiarism Checker Tool:

Only writing content is not enough, sometimes your content may be similar to other content or you may go wrong while writing content for your blog.

Plagiarises content is not indexed and you will get Google Penalties. This will decrease your ranking.

There are different tools to check plagiarism but they cannot work correctly so plagiarism checker of smallseotools is best free SEO Plagiarism checker tool.

Here you can see a snippet of a plagiarism checker tool report.

best free SEO Plagiarism checker tool

Free Grammar Checking Tool:

Articles with spelling mistakes and grammar errors are very ugly, such articles will not be viral. User engagement on such articles also becomes less thus Bounce rate will be automatically increased.

The user will not return back to such websites with irritating articles.

So to make High-Quality Content, Grammarly is the best choice.

Add Grammarly extension on your browser and while you are writing articles Grammarly will automatically recognize the error and mistakes in your content. Grammarly will also suggest correct spelling or words so you can minimize grammar mistakes on your articles.

Broken Link Checker:

Links those are outdated or removed or web pages that are malfunctioning are Bad Links.

A bad link can degrade your online reputation and traffic will also be reduced. So it is necessary to recognize all the bad links that may be Internal, External or Social.

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Small SEO Tools has a free Broken Link Checker tool, you can check all the status of Link (web pages).

You will find the broken link is internal or external and you will feel easy to solve such broken links by redirecting them.

Or, you can use another Free Broken Link Checker SEO Tool of SiniumSEO.

That's all about Free Blogging Tools, I hope you have learned many Blogging Tricks with these Blogging Tools.

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Now use these Important Tools for Blogging to increase Social media traffic, make your Article more interesting and attractive by using Canva. You can boost Blog with E-Mail marketing by collecting e-mails from HelloBar.

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Remember to use all these 9 Blogging Tools so that you can be connected with your visitors and thus interaction with your follower will also be increased.
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