How to make Facebook Video go Viral for Free with simple Tricks

After the success of Facebook Instant Article for Bloggers, Facebook has recently launched a new feature for vloggers called Facebook Watch.

Facebook Watch is especially for those who want to earn money by enabling Facebook Video Monetization on their Facebook Page Videos.

So, by this cool feature of Facebook, now you can earn money like on Youtube by adding Facebook Video Ads on your videos. 

From here you will learn some Facebook Video tips and techniques that will be useful to make your Facebook video more interesting so that you can gather viewer attention toward your video.

Similar to Youtube Monetization Program, there are also some Terms and Conditions of Facebook Watch Audience Network and we must be eligible with this monetization program.

How to become eligible for Facebook Video Monetization?

The revenue program of Facebook Watch  is 55% profit for the creators and 45% for Facebook.

i. Videos uploaded on the Facebook page must be 3 minutes long or more.

ii. The Facebook page must be followed by a minimum of 10,000 followers.

iii. In the last 60 days, your video must be reached with 30,000 1-minute video views.

So, to meet these requirements you must make your Facebook Video viral.

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Tips for filming attractive videos to make video viral on Facebook

You can make an attractive video with your smartphone.

Hold your Smart Phone Horizontally while you shoot videos.

Because video made with horizontal screen makes sure that when someone is watching your videos then videos take up the whole entire screen.

Attract viewer attention toward your videos by implementing a great opening shot on videos. 

Facebook video play automatically without sound so you must try your best to grab viewer with interesting imagery so that they turn on sound and watch the full video.

Make your videos as short as possible, because it is observed that it is best enough to promote your Business or share message within 2 minutes.

Edit your Videos to manage video clips properly, to add required text or filters to give an attractive & interesting shot to your videos.

Give necessary Title, short Description with HashTags.

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