24 ways to Drive Traffic to your website with Blog Promotion

Optimizing blog post with On-Page & Off-Page SEO is not well sufficient to drive Traffic to Blog/website.

If you are willing to know how to drive traffic to your website from Pinterest pins, Google Searches, Social Media, Referral traffic, read this post to know the techniques used in SEO to get traffic to your website/blog.

A website/blog with less traffic source won't grow higher in the Google search result. In this blog, you will learn to get quality traffic to your website from High DA website like Pinterest & from Google Searches with proper keyword research, & keyword placement including blog promotion techniques.


1. Keyword Research

Keywords are the phrases or words added to your content for which most of the people search on Google that will surely promote a blog to get more traffic from Google.

Finding popular keywords or phrases for which people used to search on the Search Engine to find Digital Content that solves their problem.

But the Keyword Research without a premium commercial tool is a hard task.

Alternatively, keyword Research for all niche can be done with Google, Social Media, Forum Sites, Reddit, & Pinterest. Or, other Free Tools also can be used in Keyword Research.

With Google Keyword Suggest & Ubersuggest you can get blog traffic on popular keyword people are searching for.

Google Keyword Ideas:

Google suggest you some keywords on which maximum people are searching for.

When we search "Best Free Blogging Tool in 2019" at Google, Google will automatically suggest other popular keywords related to it.

You can find Google Suggested Related keywords while searching on Search Bar or below the Result Page.

Google suggested related Keywords displayed below the Search Bar & below the result page are the same.

Google Suggested Keywords

To find CPC rate, Competition, and monthly searches for the Google Suggested Related Keywords you can use Keyword Everywhere browser Extension.

Ubersuggest Keyword Research Tool:

Google Keyword Planner won't give you the appropriate result on Keyword Research. Ubersuggest is the best alternative of Google Keyword Planner.

Keyword Research with Ubersuggest lift your keyword finding tactics to a more higher stage with extra functionality.

Ubersuggest suggests the keywords that are mostly searched in search engines with respect to a location you have chosen.

Ubersuggest displays suggested keyword with its Search Volume, SEO & paid difficulty of the keyword to rank, & CPC rate.

Moreover, Ubersuggest also shows you a number of keyword Ideas including Volume, CPC, paid & SEO difficulty for each suggested related keywords.

You can also find out the competitor who has already published a post on the keyword you are searching for including SERP Analysis with estimated visits, Social shares & Domain score.

With Ubersuggest SERP Analysis, you will know how your competitors are using Content Writing Strategies to drive traffic to your website from Google.

2. Keyword Placement

Placement of strategic keywords will ensure that people are finding your posts. Proper placement of keywords in your Content, Title & Meta Tags will grow your position in SERP that will increase traffic to website/blog.

Google Search Engine regularly visit our web pages by sending a "bot" named "Spider" to analyze & Index each page or a blog post.

To get indexed, we must be focused more on Keyword Placement, we need to put our main keywords at those places of our content where the Spider look & analyze more.

Over optimizing content with 100 keywords is stuffing, so you just took out 5-10 keywords with high volume searches & place in your content.

Blog Post Title:

Place the main keyword in your blog post title. But never over optimize Title with Keyword Stuffing (more keywords).

You must write Title under 60 characters including the main keyword of blog post because there is more chance of the blog post to be displayed in the search result page. SEO optimized Title will increase the number of hits on your post.

Put Long-Tail keywords for a more better result.

Meta Description:

A well-written search description can influence in the click of a searcher & will attract to click on your blog post. The more well SEO optimized meta description, the more click & the more chances to rank higher in Google.

6 Ways to write Optimized Meta Description

i. Be sure you have chosen the most important keyword from your content & placed in the meta description.

ii. Avoid placing a number of keywords in your meta description search engine bot will assume as a spammy website.

iii. Write content matchable meta description that means never include those terms which are unavailable in your content.

iv. If you have a blog post on High DA Social Bookmarking Sites then you must include Keywords which you have included in your content.

v. Meta Description length must be under 135 to 156 characters. Use main keywords in the middle of meta description for a more better result.

vi. Meta Description must be written unique & different for every blog post.

Post Permalink:

Permalink is the link that links to your blog post, so it is better to include the important main keyword inside permalink.

To get traffic to your blog it is essential to attract viewers to read your content. Attaching the main keyword within permalink will generate traffic to your website from Google.

Include the keyword in Post Title, Meta Description & Permalink that you want to rank for.

You can optimize Image with the placement of the main keyword in Title & Alt Tag.

3. Drive Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest is a search engine more than a social bookmarking site.

Promoting Blog on Pinterest (with DA 98 & PA 93) will increase page views on your blog & increase ranking position in SERP.

To get your pin in the top of the Pinterest result page, you must optimize Pinterest Pin's Title, Description & Image.

Pinterest pin Optimization Trick to Increase Traffic:

Find Keywords for Pinterest. Use the Pinterest Search Function to find popular keywords on which Pinterest user are searching for.

find keyword on pinterest

When you find keywords for a Pinterest pin, use these keywords on Title & Description of a Pinterest pin that will drive traffic to blog from optimized Pinterest pins.

Use Infographics in your pin, because Infographics are the key factor that will increase more click on your pin.

Publish 3 to 5 pin on daily basis, or save other pins on your board that will also increase link with another Pinterest user.

Publish comment on other user's pin & increase interaction with other users.

4. Optimize for Speed

If your web pages took a too long time to load fully then I am sure you are losing traffic on your blog post.

Visitors will hit back button & move to your competitor site if your web pages are not loading at right time. This will also effect on your SERP ranking.

Reduce loading time of your website by minimizing HTTP request, asynchronous loading for CSS & Javascript code, compressing images to reduce their size without affecting image quality.

5. Push Notification

When you started growing an audience on your website, you must make your user engaged with you.

push noification to increase blog traffic fast

Push Notification will enable you to give notification of every new post to your user's browser either it is mobile devices or desktop.

This way you are going to promote your blog with the audience & started to increase traffic with a higher engagement rate on your new blog post.

Web Push Notification is an alternative to E-Mail marketing. You can use PushEngage or PushCrew or other free tools to enable push notification service on your blog.

6. Blog Promotion on Mix & Medium

Facebook & Twitter are not well enough to provide quality referral traffic juice to your website.

Mix & Medium are also a good platform to publish the article, you can influence mix & medium user to click on your blog post.

When you publish a new blog post on your website, then publish a short article on Mix & Medium also giving a short description of what you have included in your blog post. This will attract user attention to click on the link of your blog post that you have added.

But never just copy & paste your article on Mix & Medium, you should give a short detail of your post & try to make it unique.

The more follower, the more engagement rate & more promotion of blog.

7. Social sharing

When user visit, read blog post & solved his problem then he will also share your article with his friends.

If you are writing user-friendly online content then Social sharing button will help you to generate traffic to blog.

Include a Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linked In, sharing button & make it easy to share your content.

8. Internal Link Building

When a visitor enters to your one of the blog post & immediately exit by reading one blog post. This will decrease your traffic, engagement rate & increase in Bounce rate too.

To make your visitor engaged in reading other blog posts too, Internal Link Building is the only one technique.

Link a related blog post in another blog post by giving optimized Title & URL.

If you are writing about Blog Traffic Generation technique then also link your old blog posts related to Link Building Techniques.

Displaying Related Posts by Tags/ Category & also Popular Post with Thumbnails below the blog post is also a beneficial technique in driving traffic to blog with Internal Link Building.

9. Title Writing Technique

Blog Title is the magnet which attracts Google bot & user to make your Blog Post viral.

Content relevant & Keyword Reached Title is the factor that increases traffic & user engagement fastly. And helps to grow higher in Search Engine Result Pages.

Blog Title Writing Ideas:

How To------
7 Ways to-----
The Ultimate Guide to-------
8 Things you need to Know about------
How to Create----------

Never over optimize your Title with a number of keywords & never spam website by adding Title that is not relevant with content.

10. Place email subscription box or HelloBar tool to collect emails from your user.

11. Guest Blogging on the popular blog with high authority & also relevant to your niche.

12. Blog Commenting on High DA websites to increase quality referral blog traffic.

13. Join Quora Discussion to grow the audience for free blog promotion.

14. Join High DA Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites to promote your blog for free.

15. Publish a blog post on regular basis.

16. Give a reply to all the comments on your blog post to increase user interaction.

17. Optimize your blog in user-devices.

18. Write proper Headings & Subheadings.

19. Bold the main keywords in your content.

20. Sharing is caring, share other tweet & pin in your board.

21. Make your First paragraph more interesting by including what the content you have added.

22. Join Facebook Group that is related to your blog niche & solve other user problem.

23. Include multimedia content like infographics, images & videos.

24. Wrap your content by adding a conclusion at the end of the blog post so the user can go back to read the whole post if they find conclusion more interesting.


To make your content keyword reached without stuffing, include  Google Suggested related keywords within post several times. Long Tail keywords are best enough to rank a blog post fast also best for Voice Search Optimization.

Build a strong link with another blogger on social media. Find out how your competitor is affecting in your ranking.

Make a proper working SEO strategy using Keyword research, keyword placement, Pinterest optimization, & social media optimization that will promote your blog on Google & Social Media with more traffic & higher ranking.

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  4. I am doing all these. But I am not getting much traffic. Do I need link building to get traffic ?

    1. Yes, Link Building also helps greatly to drive traffic, but remember while link building, you need to choose High DA websites such that your website can get High-Quality Referral Traffic juice.

      You can also try Internal Link Building to make your user engaged in your website.


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