8 Ways to Beat Niche Competitor to Rank Site Higher in SERP

In the course of Blogging, to increase traffic (page visitors) is being more laborious task than publishing quality content.

Do you know what factors make difficult to drive traffic with Higher Blog Ranking?


Digital Content Publishing is increasing because of this more competition may occur in your blog niche. Proven fact is that you may be losing traffic and users because of excessive Blog niche competition.

Everyone is doing their best to increase blog ranking higher in Google SERP(Search Engine Result Page) and attract more users.

Because of niche competition, your competitor may be writing more lengthy content & getting quality Link with advanced link building tactics. If you are writing 1000 words content then your next niche competitor may be writing 1500 words blog.

Your competitor also may be trying to defeat you by increasing High-Quality Do-Follow Backlink from High Authority Sites.

Google Algorithm:

Google is making some changes in their algorithm and also updating new Google Algorithms. Google does so to provide more & more quality content to its user.

So, Google throwback spam or less quality web pages. Because of this, your site's ranking goes down and more quality sites ranking goes higher in SERP.

Rankbrain Algorithm launched with AI is used to provide more relevant search results to users.

Mobilegeddon throws back website position in SERP whose web pages are not mobile friendly.

Humming Bird Algorithm spam website where keyword stuffing is found.

User Engagement:

Not only organic traffic is sufficient but also social media traffic and direct traffic from users device lead your blog viral. If one of your competitors has a large audience network than they will direct visit his blog more than yours.

Bounce Rate:

Most people take bounce rate normally or do not try to understand it's importance as main SEO affecting factor. If visitors coming to your website don't find the exact solution what they need they immediately return back and visits the next website to find their solution.

Bounce rate applies other factors like slow site speed, non-relevant content, improper use of heading and titles.

If your Bounce rate is higher because of non-relevant On-Page Behaviour then know that ranking and traffic on your site is surely going down.

Advance SEO Tricks to Defeat your niche competitor to increase the position of Blog in Google

  • Write Quality Content.
  • Include Multi-Media Content.
  • SEO optimized Title & Description.
  • Keyword in PermaLink.
  • Long Tail LSI Keywords.
  • Internal Link Building.
  • Join Forum Posting Sites.
  • Join Social Bookmarking Sites.
  • Guest Posting.
  • Blog Commenting.
  • Social Media Sharing with HashTags.
  • Updating old Posts.
  • Block Spam Backlinks with Disavow Tool.

Quality Content:

To beat your niche Competitor, you must start writing more Quality Content. You must be focused to publish user-based content. Share problem-solving ideas on your content so the user will remain engaged in reading.

Competitor Content Audit gives an overview of what is best tactics working in your niche.

Include screenshots, tweets, infographics and other multimedia content in your blog-post because multi-media contents are eye-catching. They are easy to track and analyze by the user and also proves that you are expert.

Never try to include non-relevant Title and Heading.

Thus, by writing lengthy quality content including multi-media content will help to drive & increase blog traffic.

The conclusion shows core benefits that can a user get by reading the whole post.

Give Conclusion at end of your post, because there is a maximum chance of returning a user back to read the whole post by reading the conclusion.

Make your content user-friendly by giving proper Headings, Subheadings or you can give Bold or Italic style to words.

Instead of writing a long paragraph, starts writing a short paragraph of 2 or 3 lines. Because short paragraphs are easy to read. 

SEO Optimized Title and Description:

Title and Description are eyes catchable for social media user and Search Engine user. 

Title and Meta Description also help more to improve your On-Page behaviour. Write Title and Meta Description that is relevant to your content. Include your main keyword in Title and Meta Search Description to increase ranking position in SERP.

Take care of your Title and search description Length. Normally Title written under 60 characters and Meta Description written under 150 characters length seem too good. 

Avoid using unnecessary words like and, then, or, so, that makes your Title heavy.

Never Over-Optimize Title with keyword stuffing like:

 Buy Fashion Clothes, Best Clothes, fashion clothes for sale, cheap fashion clothes.

Long Tail Keywords:

To optimize your content for Rank Brain and Voice Search, Long-Tail Keywords has become an integral part of SEO in these years.

Now, these days technology has been changed with different upgrades, visitors usually use such phrases to find their problem solution or to purchase. So, Google is also trying to make its user happy by providing relevant content.

Ranking with Long Tail Keywords increases the scope of ranking higher in SERP. It is easy to be in the first page when a user searches for Historical Tourist Places in Nepal instead of Tourist Places in Nepal.

Internal Link Building:

Encouraging visitor to go from one page to different page on the same domain is being best practice in SEO Link Building. Here your user will not go back after reading a single post, which helps to reduce bounce rate and as a whole On-Page behaviour will be improved.

Internal Link Building will help to improve website navigation, distributes page authority throughout the website.

Internal Link Building is the best practice to optimize with Rank Brain Algorithm

You can also display Related Posts and Popular Posts with Thumbnails below every post so your user will be engaged in reading other posts on your site.

Join Forum Posting Sites:

Forum Posting sites are the free source for blogger and marketers to grow their business with traffic, backlink, and moreover large audience network.

forum posting to grow traffic & audience

Forum Posting sites like Quora can give you a benefit to be viral among the audience by increasing interaction with them. By joining Quora, you can give post, comment and give a solution to the user's problem. With this technique, Quora user will know about your business and the quality of services you are providing.

Here are some techniques to use Quora:

i. Complete your Quora Profile by giving correct data about your business.

ii. Ask Questions relevant to your business to other experts to know how your competitors are using Quora.

iii. Share your ideas by giving the reply to their answer.

iv. Search and Find Questions on Google and Quora Search.

v. An answer must solve a problem and without grammar mistakes.

These tactics are similar to Social Bookmarking sites, you can join sites like Reddit and start joining and sharing ideas.

Guest Posting:

Guest Posting offers blogger to improve their brand and attracts more audience to their website. Guest Posting is called Do-Follow Link Building Technique that will improve the connection of a new blog to popular blog.

Guest Posting can only work when you are contributing to the sites that have more authority than yours and also relevant to your niche. It passes referral traffic link juice from High DA sites to your site pages.

Only quality Guest Posts are accepted so this is a chance to prove how experts are you in your field.

Blog Commenting:

Commenting on other high authority sites blogs that are relevant to your site niche is old link building technique but still work better. 

Blog commenting only works when:
  • The site has High DA.
  • Content is relevant to your niche.
  • No spam Links on the already displayed comment.
  • Blog with comment Luv commenting system.
  • Reading the whole post and share your own ideas in the comment.
  • Ask a question related to post.
  • Never over-optimize Name with keywords.

High DA Blog Commenting website list for Quality Do-Follow Backlink

Update old blog-posts:

Giving life to old blog posts really works to drive more engagement and traffic on your site.

Updating old blog-posts is also a good scope in the context of Google indexing, that means Google will recognize changes & engagements on your old posts and starts to crawl and index them again.

Techniques to Bring life to old blog-posts:

  • Rework on old Titles and Heading to be more SEO friendly.
  • Update information by lengthening the posts.
  • Delete spam comments on old posts.
  • Analyze dead broken links.
  • Check if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Update meta search description.

Lastly share the old blog-posts on Linked In, Pinterest, Reddit.

With these SEO Tactics, you can defeat your competitors in your niche or business and also you will be able to drive organic search traffic and quality backlinks and larger audience network on Forum posting sites and other social media networks.

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