7 Responsive Custom Free Blogger Templates in 2019

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In this blog-post, we will start discussing on best free Fast Loading & SEO Friendly Blogger Template for Adsense. If you are thinking to choose Blogger platform to start blogging and want to earn passive income from a blog then there are many things to take care.

You must consider,

Quality Content Writing, Link Building, Building Audience are other factors that are compulsory when you entered in blogging.

As I have already mentioned above, Loading Speed and Responsiveness are the main key point to be considered because if your blog loading speed is slower or do not fit with mobile devices then obviously you will start losing the visitors and chances of ranking your content higher in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) also goes down.

Not only, ranking, Google Adsense also not prefer to such ill template. Because Google has to satisfy both Advertiser and User.

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So be sure that template you are choosing for Blogging is neat Clean, Easy to Navigate, Fast Loading, SEO Optimized and Adsense Friendly.

#7 Cream Blogger Template:

Features of Cream Blogger Template:

  1. Ads Ready and Adsense Friendly.
  2. SEO optimized.
  3. Fast Loading speed.
  4. Clean Design.
  5. Two Menu Bar: Top and Main Menu.
  6. Vertical Dropdown Mega Menu with Thumbnails.
  7. Social Bookmark Widget.
  8. Tabbed Widget.
  9. Custom Share Buttons below Post Page.
  10. Popular Post with Thumbnails on Sidebar widget.
  11. Related Post with Thumbnails below the post.
  12. 3-Column Footer Widget.
  13. Email Subscription Widget.

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#6 Newson Blogger Template:

Features of Newson Template:

  1. SEO Optimized with fast loading speed.
  2. Adsense Friendly and Ads ready.
  3. Justified with Mobile Devices and Smart Phones with responsive design.
  4. 3 Columns footer widget: Random Posts, Recent Posts by category and Popular Posts.
  5. Featured Posts with Thumbnails on Right Sidebar.
  6. Social Plugin Ready.
  7. Posts by category on Home Page.
  8. Vertical Dropdown Mega Menu with Thumbnails.
  9. Top Menu with Social links and Main Menu Bar with the search icon.
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#5 Top Magzine Blogger Template:

Features of Top Magzine Template:

  1. Top Menu Bar with Social Media Links.
  2. Main Menu Bar with search icon and hover on click.
  3. 3 Columns Footer with Recent Post, Popular Post and Random Post widget.
  4. Adsense Friendly Blog Template.
  5. Ads ready.
  6. Right Sidebar with Popular Post Thumbnails.
  7. 2 Columns.
  8. Fast Loading.
  9. Facebook Page Like Box widget.
  10. Related Posts with Thumbnails on the Post Pages.
  11. Social Media sharing widget.

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#4 Smart SEO Blogger Template:

Features of Smart SEO Template:

  1. Breaking News Tricker.
  2. Specially designed for News, Magzine, technology.
  3. Breadcrumb Navigation Ready.
  4. SEO Friendly Template.
  5. Adsense Optimized and Ads ready.
  6. Social Bookmark Ready.
  7. Drop Down Menu.
  8. 2 columns.
  9. Clean, white and Neat Design.
  10. Right sidebar.
  11. Footer Menu.
  12. 3 Columns Footer widget.
  13. Recent Posts by Category on Footer.
  14. Custom Email Subscription on the footer.

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#3 Olivia Dark Template:

Features of Olivia Dark Template:

  1. Attractive Colored Dark Home Page.
  2. Page Navigation Menu in Top Menu Bar.
  3. Category Navigation Menu in Main Menu Bar.
  4. Social Media icons and search icon on Top Menu Bar.
  5. SEO Ready Template.
  6. Ads Ready Adsense Friendly Free Premium Template.
  7. Social Bookmark Ready.
  8. Home Icon on Main Menu Bar.
  9. Hover on Main Menu.
  10. About Me Widget on Right Sidebar.
  11. Facebook Page Like Box.
  12. Recent Posts and Popular Posts with Thumbnail on Right Sidebar.

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#2 WebLogMag Template:

Features of WebLogMag Blogger Template:

  1. Responsive web design.
  2. SEO optimized Templates and widgets.
  3. Full-Width Slider.
  4. Social Media Sharing Buttons.
  5. News Tricker.
  6. Recent Post widget.
  7. Neat and Clean.
  8. Email Subscription.
  9. Facebook Page Like Box.
  10. 4 Column Footer Widget.
  11. Contact Form.
  12. Adsense Friendly Design.

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#1 Sports Mag Template:

Features of Sports Mag Freemium Blogger Template:

  1. Mainly suited for a sports website.
  2. Easy web Navigation.
  3. Related Posts.
  4. Home Page grids.
  5. 2 Menu bar
  6. Top Menu for pages with Social Media icon.
  7. Main Menu for labels with the search icon.
  8. 3 Column Footer widget.
  9. Recent Post, Random Post and Popular Post widget.
  10. Slider.
  11. Social Bookmark Ready.
  12. Ads Ready Blog Design.
  13. Fast Loading and SEO friendly.

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All the 7 Blogger Template explained are very useful for SEO optimization and Blogger AdSense Approval. Must check loading speed and website navigation before choosing blogger template.

When you choose one of the blogger templates from this discussed 7 SEO Optimized Adsense Friendly Blogger Template, start customizing your blog by removing unnecessary ads and labels.

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Add your Logo and Favicon and increase the brand of your blog by putting necessary details and links.

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