What is MicroBlogging? Start a MicroBlog to Earn Money

What is MicroBlogging?

Microblogging tactics refer to creating and posting a short microblog (messages) and share with the online audience.

Thus we can relate term Microblogging as a combination of blogging and social media instant messaging where a user can create a micro post (information) that is shared with social media audience.

Content included in Micro-Posts can be text, images, videos, hyperlinks, infographics, and audio. These varieties of content can be published in combination or how a user like to read.

MicroBlogging vs Blogging

The difference between blogging and microblogging is that instead of posting a lengthy content on a custom hosted websites, here we publish microblogs on social media and instant messaging sites like Facebook, Twitter or Posterous.

Blogger can publish a lengthy content without any restriction whereas a microblogger is restricted to publish a micro post of only 140 to 150 words long (mainly depends on microblogging platform site).

Microblogger are more active in publishing content than a traditional regular blogger since microblogger has to be updated with a new post.

Less Time in creating content with MicroBlogging.

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Popular MicroBlogging Site Platforms

As discussed above Digital MicroPublishing depends on the content and social media.

Twitter as MicroBlogging Platform

Twitter is a social media platform which is adapted to share text content including images or videos and used also as an instant messaging chat engine.

Microblogger mainly chooses Twitter as the best microblogging platform because it is viral in social media. As we discuss above microblog content are very short and Twitter provides its user to publish tweet of 280 characters which is best enough to share micro-blog with their audience.

Tumblr as MicroBlogging Platform

Tumblr is similar and mainly inspired from Twitter but the main feature of Tumblr is that there is no limitation in publishing text content. You can enjoy publishing long or short content including images and other multimedia content.

Tumblr allows microblogger to increase interaction between microblogger by allowing to create a Tumblr group. Other users can also like, reply or do forum posting on such groups.

So, we can say that Tumblr is best for microblogger to build a strong interactive relationship between them.

Instagram for Artist MicroBlogger

Instagram is the best platform for microblogger who are in photo or artist niche. Because images are eye-catching and images speak more. Try by adding unique images which can show what you want to explore among your audience.

How to begin MicroBlogging with microblogging sites?

I. Good Online reputation with more trust and fans in social media.

II. You must have a natural skill to build a relationship with the social media user.

III. You must be in an Internet Access area at any time.

IV. Choose Twitter and Tumblr for microblogging because Twitter and Tumblr are the best website for microblogger to write microblog & build a strong relationship with another microblogger.

V. Moreover, platform depends on which niche you want to do microblogging. So if your niche is about text content then Twitter or Tumblr is best. If you want to start microblogging on photos then Instagram and Facebook are excellent.

How to write micro niche blog?

Here is the snippet of a microblogger. This is an example of MicroBlog on Twitter.

If your niche is on Technology then you must be able to share the latest technology trends and new tech devices.

If you are a reputed chief and have more popular on social media then you can start microblogging by providing recipes on the different dish.

Adding videos, images and other multi-media contents make your microblog eye-catching.

You can make your microblog viral with keyword research and writing posts on these keywords.

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MicroBlogging Earning Techniques

You can generate passive online income from microblogging with an affiliate program. Write a product review microblog and build trust among your audience and direct them to that product with a link.

If your niche is based on mobile then you can write a review on new mobile featuring their features so your user will make mind to buy that mobile with your affiliate link.

So we can earn with microblogging from affiliate or product review or product recommendation.

12 Tips for Successful Microblogging

I. Choose a single niche microblogging.

II. Use HashTags on your micro-blog.

III. Be active in social media.

IV. Break up large content.

V. Use Bullets, emojis.

VI. Use Unique Images if you are using Instagram.

VII. Ask Questions in your content caption to encourage your audience to comment.

VIII. Increase interaction by giving a reply to each & every comment on your micro-post.

IX. Proper Keyword Research.

X. Use Tumblr group to build relationships with other microbloggers.

XI. Create a facebook group by adding user relevant to your niche.

XII. Build Audience Trust in different social media.

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6 Reasons why MicroBlogging is a Waste of Time

MicroBlogging can be waste of time only when if you can't catch proper microblogging strategies or you misbehave with your microblogging platform. Spam activities on social media can ban you which will make waste of time.

I. Adding same images by different microblogger diminish trust and uniqueness.

II. You can't be caught by the user if you are not publishing keyword reached content.

III. Little audience network does not work in microblogging.

IV. Like in Blogging with Adsense, there is sure that you can earn with traffic whereas microblogging can give you money only when your user trusts upon your content.

V. Microblogging can't be a profession and career so giving whole time and energy on microblogging can be waste of time.

VI. It is not sure that advertisers will choose you for their product review and recommendation.

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Be active on social media and engage with your audience to build a strong trusty relationship. Start publishing keyword reached unique content with images or videos that will attract the user to your post. Make a facebook group and Tumblr group to build relationship and interaction with other microbloggers.

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